articles by K Yatish Rajawat


For Modi's 'Make in India' campaign to work, India Inc should dump jugaad

India cannot develop as a low cost manufacturing base, with rising aspirations and expensive power.


Modi's 'Make in India' plan: The 7 hurdles it has to overcome to boost manufacturing

Any policy will need a holistic approach. Manufacturing in India is slowly dying, and while the impact of it is not visible, the signs are clear.


Looking beyond Xi: Why India shouldn't believe China and how it can counter

China will not help India in its manufacturing plans and we shouldn't expect that the border dispute will be resolved any time soon. Here's how India should counter.


Look before you leap: A warning for Indian companies flocking to Chinese banks for aid

Chinese banks are offering an opportunity for Indian entrepreneurs but there is a catch: Chinese funding might be cheap but their ability to leverage is not.


China's online incursion: Why Modi needs to talk about import curbs with Xi

When the Chinese premier arrives in India tomorrow, Prime Minister Narendra Modi should discuss the inexorable march of the Chinese goods into the country.


All about jobs: What Modi should focus on in talks with China

During the same period, $43 billion worth of electronic and electrical equipment, both for industrial and consumer use, has also found their way into India from China.


Modi's Japan visit: Fear of China lurks in the Indian babudom

Modi's Japan visit was an effort by the political leadership to bridge the gaps, but a failure of the diplomatic corps


Narendra Modi needs to look beyond bullet trains on his Japan trip

Japan should look at India as its manufacturing hub. Japan needs young, skilled engineering workers and India can offer them in plenty.


Why Sebi should not bow to corporate lobby and dilute proposed disclosure norms

It is for the Sebi to decide whether it should be cowed down by the allegations of acting like a Big Brother or should it really be the protective bhai of the small investor


Food Corp is a Rs 75,000 cr problem: Five areas that needs urgent govt attention

Imagine a company that is the largest distributor of a product in a country. Its cost of inputs and the price at which it sells the product are fixed by the government. The company all of a sudden changes tack and starts eyeing profits. It wants to invest in improving efficiency. In short, this is the Food Corporation of India's (FCI) predicament today.


Lesson from Flipkart raising $1 bn: Govt needs to clear its stance on e-commerce quickly

The issue is that due to the government not making its stance clear on the FDI in e-commerce novel financial instruments are being used instead of coming in directly.


Revisiting 2004 US polls: Kerry do you really believe in 'sabka vikas'?

Even recently the US accused India of holding up the WTO round, but it never discusses the barriers it has put up to prevent global trade in services


UPA may have left another can of worms in Anand Sharma's Free Trade Agreements

Are free trade agreements a great idea? It is only transnational corporations and economists who cut their teeth in the 1960s and 1970s who sing their praises. India may have jumped into FTAs too soon


Spare APMC Act, here's how the Centre can quickly lower food prices

While the APMC Act is a problem, scrapping it does not solve the problem of high food prices.


Prabhu's maiden Rail Budget today: Six ideas that can change Railways' future

The most crucial thing for the Railway Minister is to bring back profitability and sustainability into the functioning of Railways.