articles by K Yatish Rajawat


Decoding Alibaba-Paytm deal: Indian e-tailers are at a new inflection point

E-retailers are so busy building revenues that they do not see it is in their interests to block the Chinese imports


Leveraging Jan Dhan to creating seed banks: 5 steps for Modi to handle farm crisis

At a time when the unseasonal rains have damaged the standing crops and scarcity of seeds loom ahead, the political blame game will not pay off


Here's a solution to funding problem that is holding back Modi's smart city dream

PPP is not a solution for all urban services. The model should be used only sparsely and wisely


RBI policy decision: Unless banks listen to Rajan, industrial growth is at risk

RBI policy talks about easing the short term liquidity in the market, but it does not talk about the real challenge that the banks and corporate are facing.


To build brand or nests for sparrows? Why CSR today is confused social responsibility

Research into social problems is ignored almost even though it is the best way to create sustainable solutions


India's new patent laws bulldoze domestic industry, appease foreign firms

It is through law that the developed countries want to snatch the initiative, establish supremacy, maintain the hegemony of their corporate wealth and create markets.


Mr Jayant Sinha, Gurgaon is no smart city, it is an example of failed urbanisation

Expecting that the real estate sector will develop cities that are actually liveable and smart is expecting too much


Budget 2015: The 4 measures announced by Jaitley that will be long remembered

The FM has taken heed of the global slowdown and the inherent opportunity and risk that lie there


Budget 2015: Tap urban infra to revive economy; it's a Rs 7 lakh cr opportunity

Companies globally are watching the direction India will move on this front and will they be able to actualise it


Rail Budget 2015: Prabhu makes sensible promises, but can he turn Railways around?

The Railway Minister has set a precedent by not announcing any new trains or appeasing political constituencies and it’s a far departure from the populist budgets earlier.


Rail budget: Overhaul freight charging system to make it more profitable

The basic issue is not that profits of the railways need to be derived from passenger fares but how can freight be made more profitable


Cheap bijli, paani promise: AAP has to begin a new experiment in Indian urbanisation

Will AAP fare better with its promises? Will it be able to channelize disenchantment into productive measures?


Root of corruption at FCI is procurement, but revamp panel’s suggestion is no solution

The panel's suggestions are major reforms; it is unlikely that the report will get implemented in a jiffy


Modi's Smart City dream: Minister Naidu’s 10 commandments are a tall task for cities

Most cities do not have the mandate and hence the resources to meet any of these requirements


Strategic shift: Nine takeaways from Modi's healthcare policy

This is the biggest and the most ambitious healthcare policy ever formulated


To boost Make in India, Jaitley must stop complaining and start correcting UPA's mistakes

The Finance Minister said the cost of capital was the single factor that has in recent times slowed manufacturing.


If govt wants to curb healthcare cost, it should snap unholy pharm co-doctor nexus

Therefore a code that is being instituted by the government should be mandatory and should cover testing labs and medical device companies also. In order to protect the larger interest of the public, we should stop mollycoddling our doctors and bending backwards to make pharma companies happy.


Crack the whip: Govt must devise norms to regulate companies like Twitter, Facebook

The time to act is now, let the coming year be a year of responsibility for internet media companies


Vijay Diwas: How India has forgotten the heroes of the 1971 Indo-Pak war

Why is it important to remember 1971? It was the first time that the Indian leadership decided to take a decisive action on moral grounds.