articles by Joshua Muyiwa


The Queer Take: The awful hollowness of being asked 'How’s life post-Section 377?'

At the core of it, this question — "How’s life post-Section 377?" — niggles me because it implies that something is different about my life now. And since I can’t seem to put my finger on it, I want to ask the questioner what they’re convinced that this difference is?


The Queer Take: Move aside Marie Kondo; the objects in my life serve as milestones along a wayward path

The objects that populate my house have become like milestones to trace the wayward path of my life so far. In all my queer friends' houses, you can lift up any object and they will be able to tell you the story behind it. And they will even tell the tale with style. It is because these materials are invested with meaning for them, for me, for each of us.


The issue with Taylor Swift's LGBT+ video is its passivity: In a queer-hating world, we don't 'need to calm down'

The problem with Taylor Swift's 'You Need To Calm Down' is not in the allegation that it milks the Pride Month but that it does not champion queer rights aggressively.


The Queer Take: What catchy phrases like 'Love is Love' overlook about the LGBT experience

Love in the queer community has always had the added sheen of shame. That this is something we don’t want to talk about publicly is completely understandable. But by lying to everyone else for so long, we’ve stopped talking about it in private too.


The Queer Take: What I don't talk about when I talk about being a city dweller who doesn't like to travel

In his column 'The Queer Take', Joshua Muyiwa writes: I so want to travel and see the wide, wonderful world. It isn’t that I don’t have the resources alone to accomplish these aspirations, it is that travelling is an arduous experience for me.


The Queer Take: Drawing strength from transfolk, femme gay boys' pursuit of transformation amid adversity

While fantasy and fiction form the finest adamantium skeleton of the queer body, it is clothes and accessories that are its flesh and skin. Fashion isn’t frivolous to us. We don’t see it as a static, commercial noun, but rather a dynamic, communal verb


The Queer Take: Embracing the hidden parts of your life by casting aside deeply ingrained lessons

On reading and hearing stories from other queer friends, I see that everyone in my community always knew to hide in the beginning — just like I did


The Queer Take: Our bodies, our selves — navigating corporeal conundrums about visibility

Having been perpetually watched over but never really seen for the people we might be, our queer bodies haven’t been allowed private joy. Everything that we do to, with, about our bodies is rendered as brave. It is seen as something done for public acceptance, these extremely personal choices are only seen as modes of gaining visibility, writes Joshua Muyiwa


The Queer Take: Finding ways to be yourself, despite everyday cruelties that enforce conformity

In his fortnightly column The Queer Take, Joshua Muwiya writes: Every day, I see straight men across this country, look at, speak with, and hold each other in ways that I was told by them to be ashamed of, and to let go.


The Queer Take: How the stories of our lives traverse truth, lies, and the many-splendoured places in between

In truth, not all of our stories are sad. It is just that we — and I — have been told that sad or striking stories will get us seen. And for a community who has been hidden away for so long, we might do anything to be seen.