articles by Joanna Lobo


At the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival, artist Nishant Jain's project SneakyArt captures ordinary yet evocative moments

US-based freelance writer and illustrator Nishant Jain's SneakyArt project showcases the beauty in everyday urban life through ‘sneaky spots’ in public places, from cafés and bars to museums and parks.


Call Me By Your Name author André Aciman on writing about love, desire, longing, and loss

Author André Aciman on writing a love story, rejecting labels and turning a fashion story into a treatise on longing


Andrea di Robilant on tracing Hemingway's relationship with his muse Adriana, travelling, and finding new stories

Many years ago, author and journalist Andrea di Robilant was on a walk with a few friends in Venice when they entered a property by mistake. It turned out to belong to Gianfranco Ivancich, brother to Adriana, the young Venetian girl who captured the attention of Ernest Hemingway and became his muse.


Tata Literature Live 2018: On Day 4, the discussions get political with Arun Shourie, Priyanka Pathak-Narain, Lionel Shriver

The last day of Tata Literature Live ended on a political note. It’s hard to ignore what’s happening in the country at this moment and quite a few panellists used the stage to talk about it.


Tata Literature Live 2018: On Day 3, conversations on love, longing, cities and history

Ravish Kumar, Snigdha Poonam, Ashok Ferrey, among others feature on day three of the Tata Literature Live 2018.


Tata Literature Live 2018: Conversations about activism, leisure and India's diversity dominate on Day 2

Day 2 of Tata Literature Live saw Aruna Roy speaking about RTI and Robert Dessaix explaining why leisure is important


Tata Literature Live 2018: On Day 1, discussions on Hindutva, soft power — and a chatty book launch

'South Bombay’s liberals' — referred thus by two speakers — descended upon the gardens and AC halls of the NCPA to celebrate the Tata Literature Live! — the annual extravaganza dedicated to books and if lucky, controversies.


Indian scientist Fr Richard D’Souza on discovering the dark past of our galaxy's neighbour, Andromeda

Fr Richard D’Souza's findings are likely to upset a major paradigm in our understanding of galaxy evolution


Rituals, ranks and symbols: Inside the world of Freemasons in Mumbai, an order with secrets

Contrary to popular myth, Freemasons do not have links to the Illuminati or drink wine out of human skulls