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Maharashtra saga: Sharad Pawar takes lessons from his own playbook, uses pan-state grip to make nephew Ajit fall in line

The latest bid was, by far, one of the most serious attempts by Ajit to come out of the shadow of Sharad Pawar and wrest control of the NCP. But the attempt failed for the same reasons which have existed for the past two decades since the formation of Pawar’s regional outfit, with the addition of some more.


HC quashing stay on Maratha reservations comes at opportune moment for BJP-Shiv Sena govt in Maharashtra

The Maharashtra Assembly election is due later this year. And the high court decision gives a political fillip to the BJP and particularly Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis ahead of the polls


Raj Thackeray has Assembly polls on mind

MNS chief, who backed Modi in 2014, has been going hammer and tongs at BJP and Shiv Sena even though his party is not contesting the Lok Sabha elections