articles by Jahnavi Uppuleti


Haritha Haram and forest rights: How a scheme to increase green cover has upended the lives of Telangana's tribals

For 11 days, the Koya Adivasis of Telangana's Satyanarayanapuram village camped on their lands, for fear of being rendered landless. They were finally evicted by officials, citing a lack of documents to prove ownership.


Indian upper caste outrage against racism in the West is in jarring contrast to apathy towards marginalised at home

While 'Black Lives Matter' needs and deserves all the attention coming its way, the sudden outrage by India's upper caste on this issue seems rather hypocritical, considering their long history of brutality against Dalits and Adivasis.


The undying beat of the Dappu: How a traditional drum signifies dignity, revolution for the Madiga community

To upper caste communities, the Dappu is an untouchable's instrument, a drum to be played only at funerals. But for the Madigas, who are the only ones to create and play this instrument, it is a tradition with roots in folklore, an integral part of their lives, and a way of protesting oppression


The Relli community fights back: Sewage workers protest against apathy, discrimination

The Relli community, like other marginalised communities in India, face structural and occupational discrimination even today