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Ratan Tata is losing patience

While Tata's PR machinery in India scrambles into clarification and caveat mode, in a candid interview to Times London, Ratan Tata it seems has taken his gloves off.


Didi's great Bong dream team

Mamata may have won the election, but Bengal needs to be restored to its former glory. Didi sure does need a bunch of influential Bongs to save the state. Here's my pick: Dada should head the sports ministry while Jojo, the editorial director at Times of India, knows best how to reverse flight of capital from the state.


In Afghanistan, India Inc learns to hang together

Sometime in August this year, some of the largest mining and steel companies around the world will make final bids for the exploration rights to the 1.8 billion tonne Hajigak iron ore mines in the war-torn Bamiyan province in Afghanistan. India's steel first have to collaborate to beat the globo-majors in the mining business