articles by Haseeb Asif


Twitter warns 2 Pakistan activists about govt criticism: Cyber crime bill has emboldened deep state to silence dissent

Two people who have been demanding more transparency from the Pakistan Army and various intel agencies have been warned by Twitter to discontinue making controversial statements that malign State machinery


Pakistan Election 2018: Worsening ISI-judiciary spat sets stage for an 'army coup' that may yield weak Central govt

Pakistan's General Election is to be held on Wednesday after former prime minister Nawaz Sharif was deposed, banned from contesting for political office and finally, arrested


Pakistan's missing activists might return, mangled and tortured: A view from across the border

And what about the Baloch missing persons themselves. It’s not like they’re never seen again. The agencies do return them — mangled, tortured and deceased lying in a pool of their own dried up blood in the middle of the road. But missing no more.


Surgical strikes: A confused Pakistani and how humourless we are this side of LoC

If the India-Pakistan standoff hasn't reached the height of ridiculousness yet, it's only because you haven't read this article