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AAP topple talk does not augur well for BJP: Farooq Abdullah

AAP allegations that the BJP is trying to topple the Delhi government do not augur well for a party that aspires to form the next government at the centre, union Minister Farooq Abdullah said Tuesday.


Do you remember the original business purpose?

Many businesses that start with the passion of an individual rather quickly find themselves in areas of associated businesses that are not necessarily related to the original purpose.


Flexibility: The new essence of marketing

Increasingly with the growth of connectivity and consumers feeling free to give comments and feedback to brands, marketing managers can see challenges or significant opportunities to create good will.


The Hindu vs The Times of India : My 3 paisa

Yesterday’s Hindu carried this piece on Shahrukh Khan and is among the five most popular articles of the day. So knocking it (Bollywood) in your advertising but carrying it in your product is a contradiction of marketing strategy.


Steve Jobs: What I learnt

It was the news that Steve Jobs was a vegetarian that caught my eye.


Why I hate breakfast meetings

Why can’t we keep work out of meals? What is so important that you have to talk with your mouth full of bread and eggs?


In Anna's India how did the Nano fail?

The Nano has flopped in India. Harish Vasudevan gives some advertising and marketing steps that would have helped the car survive and made it a true people's car.