articles by Gouri Chatterjee


Saradha, Narada don't matter: Benefits outweigh corruption in West Bengal

Corruption in West Bengal becomes a major issue only when there are no redeeming features to offset these charges


Mamata and media in Bengal: Dear ABP news, crossing Didi is not a one-way street

ABP is one of Bengal’s few successful enterprises and Mamata Banerjee will surely think twice before doing it permanent harm


Real change-maker? Why AAP exit worked out fine for Yogendra Yadav

Being free of the demands of a party in power, as Yogendra Yadav has been, can be liberating indeed


Why I admire Kangana Ranaut: She's an example of new Indian womanhood

I am a fan of Kangana Ranaut — a zealous, devoted fan at that. But for what she stands for in her person rather than what she enacts on screen.


Sri Sri's remarks against Malala show the ugly face of a godman's desire for power

Today’s godmen have learnt to think bigger. That is why Sri Sri Ravi Shankar lashed out against Malala Yousafzai over a Nobel Prize.


West Bengal 2016: Why I voted Congress for the first time in life

Sans organisation, sans resources, sans muscle power, the Congress-CPM alliance seems to be a reflection of the spontaneous sentiments of people like me.


Kind, gentle and fearless: Kanak Mani Dixit's arrest on corruption charges is absurd

The international outcry against Kanak Mani Dixit's arrest is testimony to Dixit’s standing as a journalist and a human rights activist.


West Bengal Election: Enjoy the campaign speeches for entertainment value, not substance

Truisms been more true than in the elections currently underway in West Bengal; what is being said in the campaigns may well prove to be just words


Assembly polls 2016: Violence has been the hallmark of West Bengal's politics for ages

Bengal is no stranger to political violence. In fact, despite all the claims of culture, erudition and sensitivity made by Bengalis on their behalf and their timidity and lack of martial spirit their critics love to poke fun at, violence has been the hallmark of politics in Bengal for ages.


The 'syndicate raj' and general lawlessness that thrived under Mamata's rule will go on

Mamata Banerjee knows this reality all too well and would have been content with pious homilies against the goons running these rackets if the flyover collapsed. The syndicate raj, with its catastrophic consequences, may well be an election issue, as part of the general atmosphere of lawlessness that has flourished under her guidance.


Panama Papers: Why don't we show the same irreverence to dishonest celebrities as crooked netas?

Yet, the Panama Papers, the 2.6 terabytes of data or over 11 million documents that have been leaked from Mossack’s secretive offices containing information about 214,500 companies in 21 offshore jurisdictions and names of over 14,000 middlemen such as banks and law firms with whom the law firm has allegedly worked, are still a revelation.


Kolkata flyover collapse: With politicians passing the buck, did the dead lose their lives in vain?

The flyover may never come to be. Many experts are now voicing doubts over the choice of the location itself, narrow, busy, built-up, congested streets in the heart of the city. And the local people’s objections, who had never welcomed it, are now getting a hearing.


New fizz in old wine: How Narada sting and TMC's high-handedness have revived the West Bengal elections again

Even though opinion polls are still predicting a victory for the TMC in West Bengal, there is a sense of urgency in the air, of expectation and possibility


We, the bourgeois voters: A change from dirty politics is welcome, but only when it requires low-energy engagement

We, the hedonistic bourgeois voter would like things to change but only if it can be done through fun, low-energy engagement. No surprises then that politics continues to remain the “dirty business” it is.


West Bengal poll: Sting loses sting as Mamata Banerjee's freebie politics propels TMC to trample toothless Opposition

People here no longer worry their confused heads over questions of ideology or principles or even policy that used to permeate the very air of Bengal once.


There goes the neighbourhood: Author Amit Chaudhuri talks about Kolkata and its decaying heritage

Whenever people lavish praise on Kolkata’s buildings they usually mean the grand old palaces in the north (the ‘black town’) or the massive colonial edifices dominating the city’s business district – giving Kolkata the nomenclature of “city of palaces” in the hoary past.


Umberto Eco’s Ur Fascism: Modi govt bringing to life every sign of darkness

There is no ‘muting’ out Smriti Irani’s speech. We’d better wake up to it; this is how life is going to be from now on. This is fascism in action.


#SeditionDebate: Kanhaiya Kumar and Rohith Vemula are proof that some good has come out of Indian education

Something good has been happening in India and it has to do with Rohith Vemula and Kanhaiya Kumar. Yes, good. Education in India, it seems, is working.


JNU fallout: Poison uncorked in Delhi reaches Jadavpur University, Mamata remains mum

The city woke up to the ominous news that Jadavpur university, never a placid place even in the best of times, was once again to be a scene of action, maybe even see some violence.


JNU row: Thank you, PM Narendra Modi, for letting the nation polarise so quickly

Thank you home minister Rajnath Singh. First for sending the flatfoots into the JNU campus and picking up Kanhaiya Kumar for merely being present at a meeting where 'anti-national' slogans were raised but one who, by the police's own admission, did not mouth those slogans himself.