articles by Gouri Chatterjee


Sandeep Kumar's wife's stand shows many women would rather be the 'good wife' in public

Sandeep Kumar's wife's words shows that many women find that zero tolerance about marital infidelity sounds good on paper but not so realistic in practice.


Mamata Banerjee must turn around Kolkata's image created by Mother Teresa to attract investors

Kolkata’s first citizen, Mamata Banerjee, will be there to witness and rejoice in the elevation.


Farakka barrage: Floods and water wars imminent, but political compulsions dictate CM behaviour

The history of the Farakka Barrage is a cautionary tale in how not to tamper with nature


Dipa Karmakar's love for 'rosogulla' is Bengali: Why a GI tag is important for this treat

After all, the world can always do with extra kilograms of rosogollas. Just ask Dipa Karmakar.


In the age of nationalistic fervour, the Indian Army is critically short-staffed

Nor, despite all the vociferous condemnation of anyone expressing any reservation about the actions of the Indian Army in Kashmir, the North East, wherever, is the Army a desired career option for our best and the brightest.


BJP doesn't get it: Kashmiri youth want azadi, even if it means moving to Pak

From state politicians to the Centre to the omnipresent military, everyone has been taken unawares by the fury and intensity of these youthful protestors and the spontaneity of their outburst. There is no clear leader, no manifesto, just one heartfelt slogan: Azaadi.


Dalit lives matter: Community's upsurge shows it's finished being defined by others

The decision by Dalit community to leave dead cows untouched, not just in Una but in several part of the country, is Gandhigiri at its best


Shobhaa De's tweet may have hurt, but she is not entirely wrong

Shobhaa De is not too far wrong when she vented her frustration with an intemperate tweet on Monday evening.


Mahasweta Devi: A literary giant who made the lot of the tribals her own

Mahasweta Devi was one of the first to bring adivasis into the literary limelight, long before it became fashionable to take up their cause.


Nonpologies and ifpoligies: From Naseeruddin Shah to Barack Obama, learn different ways of saying sorry

Naturally Naseeruddin Shah's response was sought and pat came a “non-apology apology” or “nonpology” as they are called.


Pranab Mukherjee could be Narendra Modi’s Kalam; even the Opposition can't object

But if Pranab Mukherjee still has to leave the Rashtrapati Bhavan and its exquisite lawns and plush Raj-era interiors and roomy stables behind next July, it will only mean, once again, blood is thicker than water, the brotherhood of the RSS will trump all other considerations.


By expelling Dayashankar Singh, BJP is getting better at nurturing votebanks

Votebank politics demands the nurturing of votebanks throughout the year or they may start unravelling at the crucial moment, BJP is doing it by expelling Dayashankar Singh for his crass remark.


Mamata Banerjee won't tolerate injustice, so why is WB crumbling under weight of corruption?

This is the best of times, this is the worst of times for the residents of West Bengal. Things move, problems are solved, at times the impossible is achieved, police take action, citizens get relief, but only if you can get the chief minister's attention.


Bangladesh terror attacks: Not just bombs and AK-47s, machetes can cause enough havoc

But who will tame the minds that wield the machetes? It is a dark, remorseless world that the terrorists roam. There seems little hope that they can be made to see the light and lay down their machetes.


Salman Khan rape remark: Unleashing NCW on actor is hugely overblown

Salman Khan's remark has evoked a firestorm that may singe the women’s cause more than the star.


Will Aveek Sarkar's exit from ABP assuage Mamata Banerjee?

Whether this ultimate sacrifice by Aveek Sarkar will be enough to assuage the chief minister remains to be seen. You can’t mess with Didi and escape unscathed.


Nicola Barker's 'The Cauliflower' opens a Pandora's box of conversations on Sri Ramakrishna

The startling topic that Nicola Barker has chosen for her latest offering is hard to imagine: the strange and sublime life of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansadeva


Stanford rape case: Women seeking justice are constantly belittled by likes of Brock Turner's dad

More the victims of rape or sexual assault forcing such issues out in the open, more is the attempt to dismiss such atrocities as “untoward incidents”


UCLA shooting: Mainak Sarkar mystery and the uncanny Prosenjit Poddar link

Mainak Sarkar, the aerospace engineer who killed himself on Thursday after shooting dead his girlfriend in Minnesota and his PhD supervisor at the University of California in Los Angeles or UCLA, could have been the 21st-century reincarnation of Prosenjit Poddar


The Left may be what Bengal needs, but CPM isn’t the party it deserves

What is the height of optimism? Believing that the West Bengal CPM can rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes of the 2016 assembly election results.