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Indian Premier League: Why the money-minded league is as real as cricket can be

Every country in the world would kill to have a league like the IPL, but they can’t. Say what you will about BCCI, they’ve ensured that IPL has been a success for a decade despite internal politics and power struggles.


IPL 2017: Why KKR's Robin Uthappa shouldn't be overhyped despite his recent plaudits

It is fairly common for people to get carried away by a player’s IPL form, but has Robin Uthappa really done enough to warrant a place in the Indian team?


Revisiting Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, one of the most influential books of our times

Sapiens has made a resurgence as its author Yuval Noah Harari recently released the follow up — Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow


IPL 2017: How entertainment-heavy league can revamp itself to focus on serious cricket

Despite IPL having cricket at its finest, it also has an evil twin that makes the viewing experience insufferable — ‘entertainment’, be it the opening ceremony or Extraaa Innings.