articles by Gautam Bhatia


Presidential order amending Article 367 removed possible roadblocks in path of Article 370 revocation

Perhaps the most important part of the unamended Article 370 was the proviso to clause 3. Clause 3 itself authorised the President to pass an order removing or modifying parts of Article 370


Supreme Court verdict on Delhi vs Centre settles age-old debate on city's statehood, but suffers lack of specificity

The majority opinion, authored by the chief justice of the Supreme Court, did not enumerate a list of subjects upon which the L-G could differ and escalate the matter to the president


How India became democratic - Part III: The Constitution as an instrument of foundational, radical change

Ornit Shani’s account of independent India’s first general election is invaluable: it is a point of departure for all of us to think more deeply about what 1947 meant, and how the transformative character of that moment ought to map onto how we think about our Constitution, our citizenship, and our rights