articles by Divyansh Sharma


Narendra Modi is the Sergey Bubka of Indian politics; Competing with himself, he's raising bar of expectations higher and higher

The prime minister's detractors are grudgingly admitting in private that Narendra Modi’s era is likely to extend beyond the current term.


Article 370 revoked: Janardan Dwivedi represents Congress of today — a party of turncoats without ideological commitment

Wary of the dangers of continuing in a party headed for annihilation, Congress leaders like Bhubaneshwar Kalita and Janardan Dwivedi are making ideological somersaults on Article 370 with the hope of wrangling a timely deal from the BJP


Article 370 revoked: Kashmir unlikely to give up autonomy without fight; Modi govt faces long battle ahead

Article 370 revoked: The Government of India may have taken away Kashmir’s autonomy, and changed laws related to purchasing of land and government jobs, but the battle has just begun


Judgemental hai kya?: Javed Akhtar’s rant against Shekhar Kapur shows the very thin veneer of his liberalism

Javed Akhtar has shown that the “intellectuals” are indeed to be feared for their ability to lash out irrationally in public against anyone who dares to question the club that Akhtar not only considers himself part of but also sometimes acts as spokesperson for.


Navjyot Singh Sidhu's politics is destined to end the way his cricket did —out hit wicket

In cricket, Sidhu played against an Opposition. In politics, Sidhu has become his own Opposition. So, Sidhu bats, Sidhu bowls, Sidhu gets caught. Sidhu, incidentally, is also the pitch. One of his favourite riffs is that pitches are like wives, you never know which way they will turn. But, in Sidhu’s case, we know which way he will turn — against himself.