articles by Disha Shetty


US & EU must pay 54 percent of the climate action costs, says civil society groups

Over 60 countries, including most small island nations, have already committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.


Coastal erosion: Homes disappear, walls crumble as climate change ravages India's already battered coastline

In the next three decades, coastal erosion will occur 1.5 times faster than the past three decades. India’s coasts are under attack both from man-made activities — such as growing construction, damming of rivers, sand mining and destruction of mangroves — as well as natural causes linked to climate change such as rising sea levels.


Family planning in India: Women brave health risks to opt for sterilisation, as men shrug off responsibility

One in three married Indian women in the 15-49 age group resorts to sterilisation, often in areas where facilities are scarce and risk to their health high.


Palghar to soon offer a menu of district's needs, a web inventory to help NGOs and donors target impoverished areas

Palghar district administration and IIT-Bombay's Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas are working together to build an online inventory of the district's infrastructure to guide NGOs, individual donors and corporates to areas where help is needed the most