articles by Dhruv Shekhar


Environment ministry's draft EIA Notification leaves much to be desired; indigenous methods of planning, development needed

One needs to wonder whether the EIA as a mechanism is even functional to address India’s ecological concerns. Furthermore, if it does need a facelift, is the kind put forward by the government a move in the right direction?


Sensitive nature of data validates privacy concerns over Centre's Aarogya Setu app; legislation with 'sunset clause' can curb potential misuse

The Aarogya Setu app generates a unique ID for each user and it keeps a track of all other IDs coming in contact with it and the GPS location and time of said contact.


UAPA Amendment Bill to be debated in Rajya Sabha today: Draft law fails basic test of elasticity, doesn't safeguard against potential abuse

History lesson that this five-decade-old legislation teaches us is that use of UAPA lies in its misuse and one which has taken place across party lines. With the overwhelming majority of the Lok Sabha appearing convinced, only time will tell whether this was the first step towards a more secure India or the last nail in the coffin for free speech and political dissent.