articles by Devparna Acharya


CPM to TMC to BJP: Political violence used to consolidate power in Bengal has driven cadre to switch loyalties

The fundamental difference in the organisational structure of the CPM and the TMC is another factor because of which the turncoats could not adjust to the new order and jumped to BJP as soon as they got the chance, notwithstanding the ideological differences between the parties


West Bengal elections 2021: In Junglemahal, endemic violence changes colour over the years

The Junglemahal area — of which Jhargram is part — has become the symbol of poriborton (change) in Bengal. It is the state’s tribal heartland, and was once a Maoist hotbed.


West Bengal elections 2021: Vulnerable voters fear political violence, religious persecution

Political observers in the state unanimously agreed that religious polarisation was the fallout of the vendetta politics that ensued after 2011, when the Left Front government was overthrown after 34 long years. Violence between Trinamool and Left members crippled towns and villages with fear


Stand-up comic Munawar Faruqui’s arrest in Indore: A brief timeline of what happened

Firstpost spoke to the police, Hind Rakshak Sangathan convenor and the complainant Eklavya Gaur, Munawar’s family and friends and members of the audience to piece together the events that transpired that evening


Bihar Elections: State’s landless endure modern-day 'slavery', await promised lands

A series of laws, acts and yojanas have done nothing to lift Bihar’s landless out of pitiful indenture


Bihar Elections: Can Nitish count on his core constituency of women voters?

Benefits and upliftment of women under the incumbent JD(U)-led govt have been transient. As Bihar readies for the final phase of voting on 7 November, the COVID-19 lockdown and ensuing migrant strife has brought the state’s long-suffering women electorate into focus


Bihar Elections: Impoverished and abandoned, Nitish Kumar's inaction turns 'Mahadalits' into a mere specious tag

Introduced by Nitish Kumar in 2007, the Mahadalit umbrella for selected Scheduled Caste communities was seen as a largely political move, which complicated the already-complex Dalit voter base in Bihar.


'Khaali haath, khaali jeb, khaali pet': Ahead of Bihar polls, Nitish Kumar govt faces ire of intra-state migrants

The 32 lakh returning migrants joined the existing pool of intra-state migrants, who were already struggling to find jobs, only deepening the unemployment crisis.


Bihar Elections: For angry electorate of returning migrant workers, NREGA offers little succour

'Subsistence, not sustenance' is the intent behind the Act, but a fragmented political system has failed the workers’ voterbase in Bihar


Bihar Elections: Marooned by caste, born poor, children of Dalits turn recruits for touts trafficking migrant labour

Treated as outcasts and born to poor families, children of Dalits in Bihar stare at a dark future with little help from the government forcing a community no longer charmed by Nitish Kumar to accept harsh realities.


COVAXIN controversy: Bharat Biotech-ICMR readying a COVID-19 vaccine in 45 days baffles reason, ignores safety concerns, says bioethicist

Dr Anant Bhan, a researcher in global health, bioethics and health policy and former president of International Association of Bioethics, spoke to Firstpost about the "extreme urgency" shown by ICMR in developing India's COVID-19 vaccine, COVAXIN, by 15 August


COVID-19 Lockdown: 50% of stranded migrant labourers have less than Rs 100; 97% didn't get cash transfer from govt, finds report

With no cash-relief for migrant workers, the SWAN report said 64 percent have less than Rs 100 left with them. With no change since 14 April, about 78 percent of people had Rs 300 or less left with them and 74 percent of people had Rs 200 or less left with them. “This is out of 9,981 stranded workers for whom we have this data,” the report added. Over 97 percent (out of 10,383) have not received any cash relief from the government.


Tap here for relief: 90% of India’s workforce are without food or shelter, but govt requires smartphone apps to deliver help

The government also overlooked the fact that a majority of the stranded labourers who are from the unorganised sector are either vulnerable or extremely vulnerable.


Pakistani man's back-to-roots trip to India went off script during COVID-19 lockdown; here's what happened next

When a Pakistani man came looking for his ancestral home in India, he had not intended for it to be a long stay


Police’s flawed reading of lockdown cripples Ranchi; irregular 'curfew' timings, random checks add to confusion

For the police, understanding the spirit of the guidelines rather than the letter would ensure a more sensible and smoother lockdown.


Coronavirus threatens world population, but for migrant labourers in India hunger and poverty still loom large

The poor in India are in a fix. They don’t know which is a bigger killer: the novel coronavirus or hunger which has been thrust upon them due to an unprecedented crisis.


Khambhat violence: Residents recall 2002 riots as communal clashes erupt in Gujarat town

The riots in Khambhat come at a time when Delhi is reeling under communal violence after Hindu and Muslim protesters clashed over the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens.


How many immigrants will benefit from Citizenship Act? 25,447 Hindus, 5,807 Sikhs, 55 Christians, two Buddhists and two Parsis, says Intelligence Bureau

Those who will immediately benefit from the Citizenship Amendment Act are a total of "31,313 persons belonging to minority communities, including "25,447 Hindu, 5,807 Sikhs, 55 Christians, 2 Buddhists and 2 Parsis who have been given Long Term Visa on the basis of their claim of religious persecution in their respective countries and want Indian Citizenship".


Note referencing New Zealand terrorist attack found at possible arson fire at California mosque

A note referencing the recent terrorist attacks in New Zealand was found at the scene of a possible arson fire at a Southern California mosque, police said Sunday. Nobody was hurt, and members of the Islamic Center of Escondido were able to extinguish the small blaze before firefighters, officials said.


Three news reports and a row: Ahead of Lok Sabha polls, Rafale deal shrouds BJP's campaign, gives impetus to Congress

A government-to-government agreement between India and France to procure 36 Rafale jets has all Opposition parties up in arms days before the biggest electorate event in the country. Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections 2019, where the ruling NDA alliance led by the Bharatiya Janata Party will be fighting to win another mandate at the Centre, the controversy around the Rafale deal has exploded to huge proportions.