articles by Deepak Gopalakrishnan


#10YearChallenge: Recapping India's 2009, when IPL grew into a carnival, Flipkart was sole e-commerce player

Taking the #10YearChallenge to the rupee-to-dollar conversion rate, Indian infrastructure and the Indian Premier League, whose viewership has increased from 200 million in 2009 to 730 million in 2018


#10YearChallenge: A look back at 2009, when Facebook was innocent and Donald Trump joined Twitter

A #10YearChallenge for streaming, smartphones, and Google, which was looked at as the ultimate Silicon Valley success story in 2009


From Sacred Games to Mowgli and Comicstaan, how streaming became the norm in India this year

With streaming services and original programming coming from reputed companies, Indians are finding an easy jump from video on TV, to video on mobile.