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American racism bares fangs as Nikki Haley may become Donald Trump's secretary of state

Haley made history as the first female and Indian-American governor of South Carolina.


What Donald Trump did in first week as President-elect to confound and delight America

He is not your run-of-the-mill politician. Therefore, President-elect Donald Trump has the US agog as he goes about putting together his Cabinet and White House team, dipping his toes in what he calls the Washington "swamp,"


US college rush: Indian students on American campuses rocket by 25 percent

Students from India, China and Saudi Arabia, made a beeline straight for American universities, fuelling a college rush and pushing the number of international students at US colleges and universities by 7.1 percent, to top one million in the 2015-2016 academic year

US Election 2016

Donald Trump victory spooks Indian students as election backlash rocks US campuses

American college campuses from Boston to Los Angeles have struggled to come to terms with Donald Trump's victory

US Election 2016

US election 2016: A colossal 'white-lash' swept Trump into White House and left Clinton at the curb

The world may have been anticipating a Madam President, but on Wednesday Republican Donald J. Trump clinched the presidency propelled by male white voters unhappy with the status quo who bought his evocative promise to "Make America Great Again."

US Election 2016

Hillary Clinton gets clean chit from FBI, good news from polls on eve of Election Day

FBI director James Comey, who had jolted Hillary Clinton's campaign by reopening an investigation into her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, wrote a letter on Sunday to Congress indicating the bureau had completed its review of thousands of emails and found no evidence of criminality

US Election 2016

'We see through Trump': South Asian voters say 'plainly racist' Donald will never get their vote

Given Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's strident anti-immigrant stance, he surprised a lot of Americans by declaring that he is a "big fan of Hindu."


Trump-Hillary election cliffhanger roils US stocks, a surprise Trump win will hit Indian markets

Clinton is clearly the stock market darling as she represents continuity and no threat to the global trade order.


Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton's election night parties in New York are the hottest tickets in town

On 8 November, New York City, the money capital of the world, will be the center of the universe as it hosts Democrat Hillary Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump's grand Election Night parties.


Clinton's silent majority: Patel Motel & Co, Spanish abuelas and African Americans

There's a new silent majority and they are passionate about Democrat Hillary Clinton. They have fanned out across America wearing Hillary Clinton buttons the size of saucers to get the vote out and "their girl" into the White House.

US Election 2016

Trump plays up email controversy to the hilt, Clinton blasts FBI for threatening her candidacy

Republican Donald Trump pounced on Hillary Clinton's email woes on Saturday to make ground in key battleground states, while Democrats blasted FBI Director James Comey for smearing Clinton with oblique innuendoes and violating long-standing Justice Department rules against taking steps that could influence a US election outcome.

US Election 2016

Hillary Clinton's email probe might just deliver the White House to Donald Trump

The FBI said on Friday that it was reopening its investigation into Clinton's use of a private email server while she was secretary of state in the first Obama administration.

US Election 2016

Donald Trump's utopian America 'would look like India', says Bloomberg

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's now famous campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again" has fired up legion's of his supporters promising an utopian America, but Bloomberg News on Tuesday pointed out that it would actually look like India


US warns Pakistan to act against terror networks supported by ISI, or else

America sent a crystal clear message on Sunday to Islamabad: Act against terrorists or we will act unilaterally to "disrupt and destroy" terrorist underpinnings in Pakistan backed by country's spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

US Election 2016

Donald Trump blasts 'phony polls', says media has got it all wrong and he is winning

Pollsters and political pundits might think it is a tad delusional, but Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reiterated on Monday that he is winning the race for the White House


American gun fanatics buy heavy duty weapons fearing Hillary Clinton will sweep the US elections

American gun enthusiasts are buying up everything from the affordable and simple-to-use RAS-47 assault rifle modeled on the AK-47, to semi-automatic pistols and handguns, fearing fresh gun restrictions in the event of Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton winning in a landslide on Election Day on 8 November.


Trump a bad sport while Clinton takes the high road in final showdown

Americans laid low by the worst sort of gutter politics during this election cycle were relieved to see a modicum of civility as Chris Wallace kept Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump focused on issues during their third and final debate at the University of Nevada, in Las Vegas.


What would it take for Donald Trump to manage dramatic upset win in US elections?

The odds of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump coasting to the White House are dimming as he charges into Wednesday's final debate at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas


Americans dump Donald Trump brand to protest his awful treatment of women

Ordinary Americans are not waiting for Election Day (8 November) to cut Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump down to size


Hillary Clinton landed solid blows on Donald Trump and drove first debate

Democrat Hillary Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump were combative, sarcastic and even downright funny on Monday during their 90-minute face-off. They sparred over the economy, creating jobs, how to keep the US safe, taking out the Islamic State and healing racial tensions