articles by BV Rao


Missing the Mood for the Breeze

The media missed the Modi juggernaut that wasn’t even trying to hide in plain sight, and looked for results in the wrong place—the corridors of the national capital. All exit polls, however, got the direction right: Modi was coming back


Alok Verma axed as CBI chief by Selection Committee: He failed to protect institution's integrity, didn't deserve post

It sends a chill down the spine to think of all that a CBI officer scorned can do taking cue from two two illustrious gents. What this sordid drama shows is that both the director and special director have been busy carving up the CBI into their personal fiefdoms, forcing everybody around them to become part of this dirty factional war.


CJI Dipak Misra impeachment case: Kapil Sibal, Congress efforts to subvert process scuttled by Supreme Court

The Congress move to impeach Chief Justice Dipak Misra, signalled a process that attempted to rip open this cape of protection and make impeachment of the Chief Justice of India as easy as coming up with a few half-baked allegations backed by 71 signatures.


CJI Dipak Misra vs rebel judges: Month after revolt in Supreme Court, nothing has changed, nothing will either

So the question arises, why is an explosion of the highest intensity in the Supreme Court not even a blip on the nation’s conscience just one month after?


Supreme Court 'rebel' judges vs CJI Misra: Little known circular about daily duties points at broken trust in SC

Was this brief, even terse, circular, issued by the Supreme Court registry on 10 November, a harbinger of the calamitous events of Friday, 12 January, 2017, when Justice Jasti Chelameswar led a mutiny of sorts against the Chief Justice of India?