articles by Bikram Vohra


Donald Trump's threat to 'obliterate' Iran could be the spark that sets West Asia aflame; negotiations must be reopened

The fear is that Donald Trump’s bully rhetoric and his increasingly threat to obliterate Iran, voiced so often in the recent past, could create an impasse in the region


AN-32 crash in Arunachal Pradesh should wake authorities up to dangers of retaining obsolete aircraft

It needs to be asked as to why the flight data recorder in the AN-32, which is relatively indestructible, was so wrecked.


'Well left, Vijay Mallya': Fugitive liquor baron showed restraint by refusing to engage with hostile mob outside Oval stadium

The usual aggressive, devil-may-care Mallya would normally have been expected to be that instigator. But on this day, better sense prevailed on beer baron.


Taking off Balidaan Badge from MS Dhoni's gloves may impact Team India's morale, rub egg on face of BCCI

The ICC has not figured out that MS Dhoni is an officer in the Territorial Army with the rank of Colonel and his right to wear the army insignia is within his rights


Jiggs Kalra passes away: The restaurateur's tryst with food began before he became the 'Czar of Indian cuisine'

To the world, Jiggs Kalra was a famous chef. To me, he was a friend and brother who shared a flat with me in the Anita building on Mount Pleasant Road in Mumbai for seven years, and ate sardines on toast with baked beans — our Sunday gourmet breakfast. Occasionally, scrambled eggs.


Arvind Kejriwal's 'free rides for women' scheme cynically overlooks safety in favour of fashioning a new vote bank

Arvind Kejriwal has failed to take any concrete steps to ensure the safety of women in Delhi


London to New York in 90 minutes: In decade and a half, threat from hypersonic jets to become real

Hermeus caused more of turbulence when it said it obtained seed capital and investments from the private sector to make a plane with a cruising speed of over 5000 kph


Naresh Goyal 'escape' bid is thwarted, good; but how did he get on the plane if there was a lookout notice?

Goyal could have been officially or legally advised to stay at home and not travel abroad instead of delaying a foreign carrier and inconveniencing passengers


Gridlock on Mount Everest: Overcrowding, greed and lack of facilities mean charging up highest peak more dangerous than ever

A traffic jam on Mount Everest is unbelievable and yet the route to the summit looks like a queue for a bus, snaking down the final ridge


Manmohan Singh's mid-election claim on UPA-era surgical strikes defeats Congress' effort to corner BJP for 'politicising' Army

The Congress wishes us to believe that the Pakistanis on all six occasions were kind enough and accommodating enough to bear the brunt of the surgical strikes and that on each occasion Islamabad’s army generals philosophically decided to let it go


London Marathon 2019 makes refreshing move to offer water capsules in seaweed pouches to runners instead of plastic bottles

The London Marathon 2019 run on Sunday will go down as the first ever major international event that fought the plastic blight by offering the 5,000 odd runners water capsules in an edible pouch made from a seaweed membrane


Narendra Modi's interview to Akshay Kumar is as much smart strategy as a snub to the media

With Narendra Modi choosing to interview with Akshay Kumar instead of a journalist, leaders in the media must realise that until this lost credibility is redeemed by good, strong journalism, surrogates will be easily found, and we will tamely report it.


Jet Airways crisis: Airline's grounded fleet risks losing landing slots, airworthiness if a solution doesn't come about soon

The question of parking fees for 120 aircraft cannot also be wished away but most vitally, Jet Airways could lose its landing slots at international airports.


Veterans' letter row result of ex-servicemen miffed by Adityanath's comment, use of Abhinandan's picture; PM should take note

Narendra Modi would be well advised to keep a close eye on developments. It is not a question of appeasing those who wore (and wear the uniform). It is a question of keeping them out of politics


PM's defence of AFSPA in J&K scores points with troops, but law's efficacy in protecting soldiers remains in question

How effective is the AFSPA in its current form? Does it give cover to our soldiers? This question demands an answer beyond the BJP-Congress rhetoric.


By stalling release of Narendra Modi biopic, EC is holding creative process to ransom for political considerations

This sort of decision not only denigrates voters, but has a certain elitist attitude that the “EC knows what is best for the ignorant and the illiterate” masses.


Yogi Adityanath's 'Modiji ki sena' remark rubs salt in wounds of ex-servicemen upset with BJP govt

Why doesn't the BJP government give the Indian Army parity with other uniformed entities?


NASA's condemnation of India blasting a satellite in low orbit is out of line and absurd

According to the European Space Agency there are another 75,000 more little pieces floating around.


MiG-27 crashes in Rajasthan: Losing jets so frequently is just not acceptable, where is it all going wrong?

While it is heartening that the pilot bailed out safely, the loss of a MiG-27 over Sirohi in Rajasthan on Sunday is disturbing and does underscore a rather dismal record of air force safety and maintenance


Empowering Lokpal to oversee distribution of ex gratia to kin of Pulwama victims would be edifying for country

Overseeing the ex gratia to the families of the Central Reserve Police Force killed in the Pulwama terror attack would be an ideal start for our first Lokpal