articles by Bhaskar Hegde


Migrant crisis in Karnataka reveals dark underbelly of Bengaluru's economy, and how recruitment agencies exploit labourers

The social profile of the migrant workers and the modus operandi of the labour industry in Bengaluru is a disturbing tale, one that is never discussed as part of its proud economic activity


Coronavirus Outbreak: Nawayath Muslims in Karnataka's Bhatkal junk orthodoxy of Tablighi Jamaat, help authorities quarantine vulnerable, feed poor

When the rest of the country was grappling with Tablighi’s googly, Muslims from Bhatkal did not wait for the community leaders from the state outside to give diktats or plead them to cooperate with the government for implementing total lockdown or social distancing.


Coronavirus Outbreak: Karnataka leads fight against COVID-19 with innovative Quarantine App, online training module for doctors

The state has pioneered in launching an online training programme for doctors in treating COVID-19 cases besides developing an app to track the suspected who are in home quarantine.


Ahead of BS Yediyurappa's 77th birthday, a look back at how Karnataka CM cemented his legacy in state and party

In his first stint as chief minister, he proved to be disaster because of his reckless behaviour. Now, Yediyurappa seems to have mastered the art of being vigilant and restrained