articles by Bhaskar Chawla


The Game Is On in Hollywood

With Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, Hollywood might have just cracked the code for success


Superhero politics, read between the lines

Beyond star-studded heroism, the Avengers series is popular for its anti-fascist message


Star Wars gets a Powergirl punch

Star Wars pitches its female protagonist as the modern woman of substance to stay relevant


Game of Thrones 8 is just a golden goose

Season 8 is all about cashing in on a cult following rather than commitment to creativity


Bollywood dialogue comes of age

Bollywood dialogue is emerging from its hangover of being flowery. Filmmakers are setting up socio-cultural context using specific dialects


Nepotism debate: It's all about relative merit in Bollywood

Despite massive criticism from all quarters, nepotism continues to thrive in Bollywood.


‘Away advantage’ for India in World Cup

The loss to Australia at home shouldn’t be a cause for concern as bilateral events and multi-nation tournaments like the World Cup are very different


The odd case of the Akhtars

A constant inner clash between creativity and the urge to conform to industry pattern invariably seems to bog down the works of Zoya and Farhan Akhtar every time


#MeToo hasn't hit Bollywood's blue-blooded core: It's an industry that thrives on clout

While #MeToo and #TimesUp, two hashtags that lit up social media last year, are now being used in an Indian context as countless survivors of sexual abuse and harassment are coming out with their stories, Bollywood’s upper crust has managed to remain largely unscathed.