articles by Bhaskar Chattopadhyay


Taranath Tantrik review: Q's Innovative horror series comes short of becoming a classic, thanks to his indulgences

With Taranath Tantrik, Q has created what is essentially a truly Indian horror show — one that is neither pedestrian nor totally highbrow.


A Twelve-Year Night movie review: This Uruguayan film is an excellent account of isolation and claustrophobia

A Twelve-Year Night shows us that every freedom comes at a cost, and that it is important that we remember that cost from time to time.


Dotara movie review: Amitabha Dasgupta's film has good intentions but evades cinematic merit

The intentions of Dotara may have been noble, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. I wish someday, someone would be able to marry these two.


Shahjahan Regency movie review: Srijit Mukherji faithfully, spiritually adapts Mani Shankar's Chowringhee

It is not easy to make a film like Shahjhan Regency, to handle so many characters and their motivations with such sensitivity.


Goyenda Tatar movie review: Srikanta Galui’s film is undermined by convoluted script, ill-defined characters

There are many problems with Goyenda Tatar, but perhaps the biggest among them is the script.


Adventures of Jojo movie review: Raj Chakraborty’s film is visually grand but lacks a coherent storyline

What good is a collection of visually stunning scenes if they don’t tell an engaging, coherent and believable story that you are willing to invest in? Raj Chakraborty’s Adventures of Jojo suffers from exactly that ailment.


Koler Gaan movie review: Pronab Mukhopadhyay's new drama falters due to its soap opera-like treatment

Koler Gaan presents an age-old subject in an archaic fashion, rather than in a relevant, new treatment.


Bijoya movie review: Kaushik Ganguly crafts a flawed albeit satisfactory sequel to Bishorjan

Bijoya is a wonderful film – although it does lose itself in indulgences at times – and boasts of some brilliant performances by its lead trio.


Mrinal Sen's Hindi directorial debut Bhuvan Shome proves how legendary filmmaker made the ordinary look beautiful

Mrinal Sen showed no matter how many transformational journeys we go though, the world around us does not change. What changes is the way we look at that same old world.


#MeToo, weakening of star power, biopics: Five trends that shaped the Hindi film industry in 2018

The Hindi film industry has witnessed several changes in the year that has gone by, from a more open dialogue about sexual harassment to a growing preference for biopics


Yeh Un Dinoñ Ki Baat Hai: Author Yasir Abbasi on putting together the Urdu memoirs of cinema legends

Tracking down lost publications, Yasir Abbasi followed leads to obscure towns and people's homes in a last-ditch effort to save valuable records of Indian cinema. The marvellous outcome of his efforts is his recently released book ‘Yeh Un Dinoñ Ki Baat Hai: Urdu Memoirs of Cinema Legends’.


Shonar Pahar, Pupa, Ek Je Chhilo Raja: Here are the best Bengali films of 2018

In a year that witnessed several sub-par adaptations and crowd-pleasers, the Bengali films that remained memorable explored themes like euthanasia, troubled parent-child relationships and women's rights


La Tribu movie review: Fernando Colomo's Netflix film is cold and emotionless for the most part

If there is any saving grace in La Tribu (The Tribe), it has got to be the presence of Carmen Machi, who plays the role of Fidel’s mother.


Kishore Kumar Junior movie review: A brilliant first act followed by tedious flow of unnecessary events

The rest of the 120 could not even capture a tiny fraction of what the first 20 minutes of Kishore Kumar Junior contained. And what a tragic waste that is!


Generation Ami movie review: A diverse, seasoned ensemble cast elevates Mainak Bhaumik's narrative

Mainak Bhaumik should be proud of his cast, who turned the predictable story of Generation Ami into a fascinating and engrossing tale.


IFFI 2018: Uronchondi director Abhishek Saha on introducing genre of road movies to Bengali cinema

Abhishek Saha's Bengali road movie Uronchondi features in the Indian Panorama section at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) this year.


Bagh Bandi Khela movie review: Year's biggest Bengali masala entertainer lacks logic, coherent storytelling

Bagh Bandi Khela is an unapologetic full-on masala entertainer which sadly does not hold your attention or instil a sense of curiosity


IFFI 2018: Abyakto director Arjun Dutta on filmmakers who inspire him, and reach of Bengali cinema beyond Kolkata

Abyakto has been nominated for the Centenary Award for the Best Debut Feature Film of a Director at the ongoing International Film Festival of India (IFFI).


Sriram Raghavan on making only five films in 14 years, and casting Saif Ali Khan, Varun Dhawan in unconventional roles

No matter how much we would want him to give us more and more films, Sriram Raghavan will not. He will make a film only when he wants to.