articles by Barkha Kumari


Rapper SVDP talks 'One Hundred Thousand Flowers': Why single on Sri Lankan civil war is his most important song yet

34 years after his family fled the Sri Lankan civil war, Toronto-based Tamil rapper SVDP has foregrounded the violence inflicted on his community, with Made in Jaffna, his third album.


Shakuntala Devi's family on Maths whiz: 'She believed the human brain was capable of far more than a computer'

As a biopic on Shakuntala Devi, starring Vidya Balan, comes to our screens this Friday, a conversation with the Math whiz's daughter Anupama Banerji yields many anecdotes.


In virtual escape room games, a chance to solve lockdown mysteries — and save the world from coronavirus

Welcome to a new crop of escape rooms, set in the COVID-19 era and played virtually in groups ranging from 2-20 over WhatsApp and Zoom calls.