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India bans 59 Chinese apps under section 69A; what does the law mean, why the order lacks transparency

S.69A is basically a law in exercise of the State’s power, to restrict free speech which violates the sovereignty, integrity, etc., of the country.

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Personal Data Protection Bill 2019: Impact on private companies is hard to tell yet, given the exemptions for State intervention

The private sector is closely watching the new Personal Data Protection Bill as data has become the most crucial asset of a company.

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Facebook Libra: Here's how it could impact the Indian regulatory stance on cryptocurrencies

Libra has already caught the attention of international regulators, and one can expect changes to Facebook’s approach based feedback

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TikTok Ban in India: Uncertain future for app looms; rise in content regulation could impact many others

While there is no doubt that there are significant issues with TikTok, a reading of the order does not clarify what justified a ban.


IT Grids Aadhaar data leak: UIDAI’s implicit acknowledgement of a large-scale data breach will be very welcome to anti-Aadhaar activists

The breach points, yet again, to major concerns with the security of data in the Aadhaar ecosystem.


Article 13: EU passes controversial new copyright law that will affect internet as we know it; will it impact India?

EU's passing of the law will come as a huge disappointment for internet freedom activists.

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PUBG mobile ban: Regulating gaming and digital addiction in India

PUBG mobile ban in Gujarat and arrests that followed have triggered a conversation around regulating gaming.


Banning PUBG and arresting people is an ineffective solution to the core problem

PUBG has been banned in various parts of Gujarat and has now led to the arrest of ten people.


Lok Sabha Election 2019: EC guidelines to tackle misuse of social media is good first step, but sticking to rules won't be enough

The recognition of the significant role of social media in political campaigning by EC is a positive step.

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Draft E-Commerce Policy: A problematic revision of intermediary rules for trademark and copyright liability

The current set of rules, as seen, are problematic on many accounts — that they fail to take the actual nature of an e-commerce site into account

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The draft E-commerce policy: Looking at data as a sovereign, national asset

The Policy takes forward key proposals of the draft Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018.

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Aadhaar Amendment Bill grants broad, vague powers; privacy needs to be priority

A bill to amend the Aadhaar Act, the Aadhaar Amendment Bill, 2018, was introduced in Parliament recently.

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MeitY’s draft intermediary guidelines need a relook, but not at cost of fundamental rights

The amended guidelines fail to actually contribute in any way towards resolving the problems at hand.

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TRAI OTT consultation paper: Rethinking traditional regulatory regimes to deal with innovation

Here are some specific steps which the government can take to support the TSPs, as well as solutions for regulating OTT services.

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TRAI OTT consultation paper: Identifying and addressing falling voice revenues of telcos

The solution does not lie in bringing new OTT services under an outdated regulatory regime

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Can voluntary Aadhaar-based eKYC be legalised through a new law, after striking down Section 57?

The issue of the validity of eKYC is of particular concern to the private sector.

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Govt may need to have a new form of law to mandate SIM card and bank account linking to Aadhaar

The government will have to ensure that it addresses issues drawn out by majority and minority verdict.

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WhatsApp's compliance with RS Prasad's request may have no impact on fake news

The requirements are in relation to the increasing fake news menace and Whatsapp’s payment service.

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Data Protection Bill Series: Offences and penalties proposed under the Bill

The privacy-related offences proposed under Data Protection Bill 2018 are on par with the GDPR.

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Data Protection Bill Series: Non-consent based processing by State and non-State actors

The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 prescribes a number of provisions legalising the non-consensual processing of data.