articles by Arathy Puthillam


How memes gained cultural currency, driving socio-political discourse in the digital era

As anyone who closely looks at internet culture would tell you, the impact of memes on our lives is undeniable. They are powerful tools in shaping and changing public opinion, so much so that they are an increasingly important part of political communication today at the grassroots level.


Bigg Boss, gossip and survival: The reality show illustrates how talking about others is a powerful social tool

Bigg Boss, with its dynamic group interactions, is a minefield of information for behavioural scientists. Besides being instantly meme-able and turning its otherwise unknown participants into celebrities, it should pique the interest of anyone seeking to understand how human beings converse with each other and behave in groups.


Tinder and evolutionary psychology: The science behind what men and women swipe for, and why

If we apply the evolutionary theory to the way people use Tinder, we find that differences emerge because the traits that are sought by men and women are quite different, especially in short-term relationships