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#MeToo in India: I was raped by the man leading protests against the Kathua sexual assault; he’s now out on bail

His image as a courageous Muslim man hunted by an anti-Muslim state has not been tarnished even after triple charges of domestic violence and attempt to kill his wife for dowry and allegedly raping a female relative. Male activists like him are inevitably elevated to pedestals, where their crimes against lesser mortals become invisible.


My #MeToo moment: Founding editor of national paper forced himself on me, planted shame, fear, almost broke me

My #MeToo moment: A few years later, he met me at an office party and just couldn’t get his eyes off my breasts. I have no idea what got into me, but I snapped my finger to break his gaze and said “Sir, let’s do this (greeting each other) again. This time you look me in the eye.” And that was it. That’s all it took for me to gain an upper-hand in this sick, perverted work equation.


In Jayalalithaa's Tamil Nadu, all's well that bends well; it is the state that is in ICU now

It is a month to the date since Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa entered the hospital on 21 September with the secretariat and the entire state apparatus in tow.


'I’m 45, gay, married with a kid, and went on my first date last month'

Author Anonymous feels that even if some people decide to push him down a building for living the life he has lived so far, he would not still hate himself.