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COVID-19 impact: Indian households spent more on food, less on healthcare during first lockdown

However, the pandemic also saw a marginal reduction in food expenditures per capita in both rural and urban households between June 2019 to June 2020


India's perception of coronavirus response: Nearly 50% respondents find govt action adequate but trust is dwindling, says survey

At the start of the lockdown in India, a team of researchers put together a worldwide survey on perceptions related to the coronavirus, and associated behaviours and outcomes

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How Pokémon GO can still manage to keep gamers engaged in the pandemic times

Game's guidelines can be disseminated and rewards for those staying away from elements of the game requiring social interaction can be introduced.


Gotta Do It All: Looking back at two years of Pokemon Go and its future

Niantic has the opportunity to harness the collective of the Pokémon GO community to improve the game.