articles by Aniruddha Mahale


The Guysexual’s Brutally Honest Review Of Bumble

Bumble may have started in 2014 as a safe space for women to date, but when have gay men ever let a good thing go to waste? This dating app also has a bonus feature — the option to video-call, which lets you make sure you're not being catfished.


Sex, Drugs and Romance: Can We Find Love In A Dopeless Place?

Gay men have been using narcotics (and sometimes, even the needle) to heighten their experiences of sex for centuries. Where does that leave the quintessential gay man who doesn’t want to take the shortcut to finding his soul mate?


Still trying to figure out where you fit on the queer spectrum? Here's a suggestion: Don’t

The entire point of the queer spectrum is to embrace inclusivity and acceptance — whichever way you choose to identify yourself. Unlike your closets, there’s no need for labels here.


The Guysexual’s Guide To Gay Tribes And What They Mean

A gay tribe is a social grouping of gay men based solely on their key physical characteristics. Also a feature of Grindr’s profile settings, tribes exist to help you find men you are attracted to, based on the quantity of hair on their bodies, and muscle on their bulk.


The Guysexual’s Guide To Handling Rejection like a Gentleman

Make it a point to learn from every rejection — polish it and wear it like armour


The Guysexual’s Guide To Saying No

Kartik has always been a 'yes'-man, but now a Tinder match who he had very little interest in has asked him out on a date. Read the Guysexual’s Guide To Saying No, to know how Kartik handles the situation


The Bare Naked Truth About Gay Men And Barebacking

With the advent of PrEP – or a pill that makes it difficult (but not impossible) to contract HIV – it’s no surprise that more queer men are barebacking. It is your choice to have unprotected sex, yes, but you need to make sure you have all your facts in place.


What Does Your Favourite Dating App Say About You?

The truth is every gay man has a go-to dating app, one that he likes cuddling up to after a day that’s wrapped in loneliness and long-forgotten email threads


No Country For Queer Voices

Queer voices don’t necessarily need appreciation, they need to be acknowledged. We aren’t asking for a spotlight, we are just asking for a platform.


Dear Straight People, What Does Your Favourite Queer Eye Guy Say About You?

Three seasons in, I love Queer Eye. Five fabulous (but not so fabulous that they intimidate you) gay men coming together to school bigots groom clueless straight men into better versions™ of themselves, without adhering to the tropes of being catty, conniving or cocky (as the media perceives us to be)? What’s there not to love?


Made in (gay) heaven: Amazon Prime show sets a new benchmark for portrayal of queer narratives

Made In Heaven brings queer culture (and rights) front & centre in a way very few movies (or Indian television shows) have done in the past.


To All The Girls I’ve Loved: Sorry for All The Times I’ve Been A Casual Misogynist

It is difficult to identify misogyny in gay men, because we can infiltrate the thinnest of cracks; after all, we are supposed to be ‘brothers in arms’


Grindr Turns 10, But It Needs To Grow Up

In so many ways, Grindr has become the online equivalent of a cruising spot: everyone does it, but no one really wants to talk about it


What We Talk About When We Talk About Gay Men And Casual Sex

Equality for gay men is about having the freedom to do whatever you want to do, just like our heterosexual friends – our relationship with casual sex included.


How Do We Find Love, In The Time Of Tinder?

A relationship built on a dating app is no less real than the one forged over mixed-up orders at your neighborhood coffee shop or at a common friend's party


Dear Gay Men, Do We Judge Other's Love Lives Too Harshly?

It has always been easy and convenient for a gay man in a monogamous relationship to dismiss others as plastic and promiscuous, simply because it’s the easiest thing to do


72 Thoughts You Have While Attending A Pride March

From being surrounded by love to witnessing a splash of colours, here's what an experience at a pride march looks like


#PrideGuide: How To Be A Better Ally At Marches This Year

From understanding your privilege to seeking permission before taking people's photographs, here are things to keep in mind if you're attending a Pride march


#PrideTalk: 37 People Tell Us What Pride Means to Them in a Post-377 World

From the lack of a need to define queerness to the freedom to express themselves, people talk about what pride means to them, now that same-sex relationships are legal in India