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Sixteen wickets to stardom: Revisiting Narendra Hirwani's dream debut in 1988 Test match against West Indies

At the end of five days of Test cricket in January 1988, Narendra Hirwani’s incredible display of leg spin bowling in front of a packed Chepauk stadium in (then) Madras, would leave the most successful West Indies Test side of all time on their knees, and a nation in awe of his craft.

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India vs Australia: A lonely flight back for Virat Kohli

On Tuesday morning as Virat Kohli boards the lonely flight back to Mumbai, one hopes sitting next to him will be someone who empathises with what Indian cricket’s most successful captain is going through. Perhaps a congratulatory pat on his shoulders and a positive conversation about the joys of impending fatherhood would be in order.


When Siva's flame lit up Bombay: Revisiting the remarkable story of England's 1984 tour of India

As if the two assassinations at the start of the tour were not enough to get along with, between the second and third Tests, the Bhopal gas tragedy happened

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Out of the darkness of apartheid: The 1991 match where South Africa returned to international cricket, and won Kolkata's heart

It made sense for India, which had been at the forefront of the anti-apartheid movement, to lead the way in helping a future multi-racial South Africa emerge from the darkness of apartheid.


India's greatest hour in Test cricket: Revisiting historic August 1971 win over England at the Oval

The psychological scars of 300 years of colonialism and 40 years of disappointments had been washed away by the indomitable spirit of 11 young men, a determination to overturn history and the magic of a genius who wrought miracles over 22 yards with a polio-afflicted bowling arm.

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Revisiting the 2002 NatWest Trophy Final: The win that cemented India’s dominance in limited overs cricket

On a glorious Saturday in 2002 at Lord's, the July sun blazing down from a cloudless sky, Team India faced up to powerful hosts England. At stake was the glittering NatWest Trophy, but more than that, the chance to redeem some much dented pride.

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How a Kapil Dev-led Team India stormed the final bastion of English cricket to conquer Lord’s in 1986

The 1986 Test side that Kapil Dev led to the British Isles was different from the others that had toured England in the past, in one important aspect — it had genuine opening bowlers with the pace to match the Englishmen, and the ability to move the ball enough to worry them.

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The greatest last wicket stand: Revisiting Shute Banerjee and Chandu Sarwate's 1946 record-breaking display at the Oval

Starting their tour in Worcester and stopping by at Oxford, the last team from Undivided India to tour Britain came to the Oval in London for a match that was destined to adorn the history books for decades to come.

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Revisiting 2011 World Cup final: With six runs, how MS Dhoni-led Team India made history

The World Cup is not designed to be a cakewalk for any team. There are no easy matches, and no room for complacency, as the Indian team knew better than anyone.

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In Kolkata’s Eden Gardens, India tasted forbidden fruit: How a batting partnership undid Australia's invincibility

In March 2001 at Kolkata's Eden Gardens, India was facing Australia — opponents who were laying claim to being the greatest Test team in the history of the sport. But VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid's partnership destroyed the Aussies' will and ego, rendering a top class bowling attack completely helpless