articles by Amalendu Misra


Britain-Russia spy saga: Amid London-Moscow diplomatic spat, we must question role of ethical behaviour of States

While Britain is busy creating a worldwide moral consensus against "the Russian aggression", Moscow remains unperturbed.


Vladimir Lenin statues pulled down in Tripura: History is unforgiving, especially to those who wish to control it

When BJP won a convincing victory over the Communists who controlled Tripura, the celebrations led to immediate bulldozing of two statues of Vladimir Lenin.


Rapprochement in Afghanistan? Ashraf Ghani's olive branch extended to Taliban is an opportunity for the country

Peace is an elusive commodity in war-torn Afghanistan. Afghans have grown up without knowing what it actually feels like to be living in a peaceful country.


China blocks 'terror' tag for Masood Azhar: Jaish-e-Mohammed saga is only an exercise in realpolitik

India is aware of the fact that perhaps it would never be able to see through a physical extradition of Masood Azhar. History shows that we have had little luck on that front.