articles by Ajay Suri


For Ladakh's Pashmina goat-rearing Changpa nomads, change comes to a centuries-old way of life

The Changpa nomads live in the remote, trans-Himalayan Changthan region of Ladakh, at roughly 16,000-plus feet above sea level where, for centuries, they have been shepherding their world-class Pashmina wool-bearing goats


Indian tigers in distress: Death of three outside Tadoba reserve exposes skewed laws, territorial crunch in safe havens

The skewed compensation mechanism, which entitles a cattle owner for compensation if it’s killed by a wild animal, has a large role to play in most cases of tiger poisoning.


Survival of Sariska’s tigers hangs in balance amid failure to remove squatters from critical habitat zone, genetic inferiority of inbred felines

Condemned to live in the shadow of its big brother, the world famous Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Sariska’s inability to hold on to its big cats has dismayed wildlife enthusiasts and policy makers for decades


Rajasthan's Sariska may become tiger-less again, fear experts, as male relocated to reserve dies; forest department sends SOS to NTCA

The Rajasthan Forest Department has requested the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) in New Delhi to review the entire translocation done so far and suggest a viable option.


Tiger-cannibalism in Kanha Tiger Reserve: Rare phenomenon has less to do with hunger than anger

Three recent incidents of tigers killing and eating other tigers in the Kanha Tiger Reserve of Madhya Pradesh have reignited the old but seldom-understood phenomenon of cannibalism among the big cats


Corbett Park elephant attacks tourist vehicle: Change in nature of man-animal conflict augurs badly for future

This weekend, a fully-grown elephant repeatedly attacked a safari vehicle packed with tourists in the famous Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand


The striped mystery of Gujarat

Guest of Gujarat this tiger may be, but the buzz it has started attracting refuses to die down


Bovine invasion hurts Bharatpur sanctuary

In the season of cow vigilantism, stray cattle have taken over one of the finest birding areas in the country, and the forest department of Keoladeo National Park is busy looking the other way


'Impossible to vaccinate all 500 lions in Gir,' says senior Gujarat official; forest department unsure what killed 23 big cats

Gujarat Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife), Akshay Kumar Saxena, debunks reports that all 500 lions in Gir National Park will be vaccinated, says "It is not humanly possible to round up 500-plus wild lions and vaccinate them."


Up close and personal, with Tom Alter: Capturing the versatile actor's many moods

Ajay Suri shares a few candid images of Tom Alter, taken as they worked on films in India’s wilderness


Tom Alter passes away: A close associate recalls actor's unfulfilled wish of playing Jim Corbett

"You see the kids have to be taught the importance of nature and wildlife," Tom Alter said, sipping a cup of piping hot tea in Nainital, Ajay Suri recalls.