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Still D-facto boss of international organised crime

Along with ISI-backed terrorist formations, Dawood is a symbol of the criminalisation of the Pakistani state


Centre losing Naga plot

Divergent interpretations of the as-yet secret pact have created a conflicting situation


The many shades of Red and how to erase them

Guns or roses, what should the government’s strategy be against the nettlesome Maoist insurgency?


26/11 anniversary: Marginal improvements in intelligence-gathering can't compensate for colossal gaps in policing system

The reality is, lessons, if learned, are soon forgotten. We quickly slide back into apathy and sluggishness.


India's surgical strikes across LoC unlikely to bring Pakistan-backed terrorism to cohesive end

The surgical strike across the LoC is a remarkable, though not unique, achievement for the Army, but it is unlikely to bring Pakistan-backed terrorism to an end


Our J&K strategy can be simple: hold on for 15-20 years, and Pakistan will self-destruct

From a geo-strategic perspective, if India holds on to Jammu & Kashmir for another 15 or 20 years, Pakistan will destroy itself, even without India doing anything substantial to secure this end.

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UPA anti-terror 'strategy': When doing nothing looks like success

Has the UPA been much better than NDA in tackling terror? The answer: UPA has been luckier, not better


Pak agencies now on "kill and eliminate" mission in Balochistan

The murder of Zamur Domki and her daughter Jaana on 31 January shows that Pak agencies are now assassinating Baloch nationalists and their kin.


A shift too late: Mamata Banerjee's u-turn on Maoists

Mamata's Maoist policy seems to do everything as well as its opposite and hopes something works out. But all she has done is strengthen the Maoists and undermine her own security forces.


Salwa Judum: SC throws baby out with the bathwater

The Supreme Court has ended Chhattisgarh's disgraceful practice of using tribals in the frontline of anti-Maoist operations. But its order is so full of ideological prejudice and pretenses that it will surely have to be reviewed.