articles by Abhay Vaidya


Sheena Bora murder case: Media needs to stop Stone Age reportage for TRPs

Every twist and turn in the Sheena Bora murder case is an opportunity to be turned into big, breaking news, bringing in more eyeballs, higher TRPs and thereby, higher revenue.


Yakub Memon hanging: In death, has the 1993 blast convict brought India closer to life?

The controversial capital punishment for the 1993 Mumbai blast convict has strengthened the movement for the abolition of capital punishment in India. It has also highlighted the limited vision of the Indian government and the Supreme Court in dealing with the questions it raises.


The Robin Raphel saga: What happened in Washington that soured Indo-US ties

Robin Raphel, who sent Indo-US ties on a downward spiral by her pro-Pak stand, was recently being investigated by the FBI for espionage. This is a first person report of the press conference held by Raphel in 1993 that did all the damage


Exploring higher reaches of Yoga was an obsession with BKS Iyengar

To equate "yoga" — the ancient Indian system of mind-body synergy — with other forms of "physical exercise" would be quite pedestrian. An understatement, especially after listening to Iyengar who, even in his nineties, was exploring the higher possibilities of Yoga that were completely in the realm of the mind and consciousness.


When Rahul baba ditched the zero tax proposal and BJP cashed in

Shaken by the rising popularity of the Aam Aadmi Party, the BJP is in search of a real differentiator from other parties and sees a potential in the Arthahranti proposals. Although it is finally the experts who will need to endorse the proposals, the BJP could well cash in on the popular support with a promise to examine the proposals seriously.


Is the AAP broom staring Sharad Pawar in the face in Maharashtra?

At this point of time, Ajit Pawar’s hopes of becoming the next chief minister of Maharashtra and Sharad Pawar’s dream of a larger role in national politics both stand frustrated.


AAP in Delhi: Has Indian Spring arrived in our cities?

Arvind Kejriwal’s leadership has demonstrated a fantastic range of possibilities, firing the imagination of the common man across the country, especially in urban hubs.


Anna-AAP clash: Kejriwal should have patched up with his guru

The centre of gravity in Anna Hazare’s universe has shifted to his former protégé who continues to call him “Guru” but has little to do with him beyond that.

First Cricket News

There’s a Sachin Tendulkar waiting to blossom in every family

As the nation celebrates the genius of the world’s greatest cricketer who’s won our hearts in such an extraordinary way, let’s look closely at the family’s role in nurturing, supporting and encouraging Sachin Tendulkar in the pursuit of his talent.


Manohar Joshi paying the price for his politics of greed in Shiv Sena

Joshi’s biggest folly was his eagerness to perpetuate his political relevance in the Shiv Sena by demanding the assurance of a parliamentary seat


Escape velocity for Dalits? Rahul, think DICCI, not Jupiter

Had the Congress’s prime minister-in-waiting been briefed well, he would have attacked Mayawati (political necessity) and would also have spoken of the empowering policies of the UPA government.


Rahul’s outburst: A watershed moment in Indian politics?

With his outburst on the ordinance negating the Supreme Court’s verdict on convicted MPs and MLAs, Rahul Gandhi has pitched himself as the Congress's prime ministerial candidate for 2014 as decisively and as controversially as Narendra Modi did.


Osho’s will surfaces mysteriously 23 years after death; sparks controversy

The dispute over trust properties between rival factions of Osho’s followers has taken an extraordinary turn with the faction controlling Osho’s properties producing a purportedly certified copy of Osho’s will, 23 years after his death.


Shakti Mills gangrape: No story is worth dying for

Prudence demands that journalists working on risky or dangerous assignments need to be alert, take precaution and pay attention to safety first.


Bhatkal arrest: Revisiting the German Bakery blast in Pune

In the days and weeks after the German Bakery blast, CCTV footage helped anti-terror investigators identify the “Bhatkal Brothers” as the prime suspects in the terror attack.


Professional hitmen were used to kill Dabholkar?

1400 people questioned for murder of anti-superstition activist Dr Narendra Dabholkar, no clear leads yet


Pawar's trusted aide resigns from NSEL board in wake of scam

BD Pawar says the executives running the NSEL should be blamed for the mismanagement.


NSEL scam throws spotlight on Sharad Pawar's agri forum

The NSEL scam has drawn attention to the presence of two NSEL directors who are closely associated with Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar as directors on an agri-business forum that was launched by Pawar in 2001.


Anti-superstition ordinance: Dabholkar gets what he was denied in life

The Congress-NCP government’s protracted delay of more than a decade in Maharashtra to introduce an anti-black magic law had neither daunted nor frustrated the late social activist Narendra Dabaholkar who was shot and killed in Pune yesterday.