articles by Aarti Jerath


Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections: Why Phase 1 polling is a do-or-die moment for Yogi Adityanath

As Assembly polls kick off in western UP on 10 February, of the seven phases into which the state elections have been divided, the first one is perhaps the most critical for the BJP


Why it may still be advantage Yogi Adityanath despite minor OBC rebellion in Uttar Pradesh

It would be unwise to jump to conclusions on the basis of the exit of a slew of OBC leaders from the BJP. As of now, the OBC revolt is a small one and has not resulted in an explosion.


Farmer agitation may be over but its ghosts have thrown Punjab politics into turmoil ahead of 2022 polls

A bitter, divisive four-way contest looms ahead amid predictions of a hung Assembly and consequent political instability.


Bypoll lessons for BJP and Congress: Shun ‘high command’ politics, groom strong state leaders​

Bypoll shows need for BJP and Congress to groom strong state leaders, curtail ‘high command’ politics


Amarinder Singh may look cornered, but it’s too early to write his political obituary

His recent announcement suggests that the former Punjab CM has a trick or two up his sleeve and is moving to a plan