The Friday List: From a workshop on writing personal histories to solving a murder mystery, your weekly calendar of virtual events

Every Friday, we'll bring you a curated list of online experiences — performances, talks, tours, screenings — to mark on your weekly calendar.

FP Staff July 10, 2020 16:03:22 IST
The Friday List: From a workshop on writing personal histories to solving a murder mystery, your weekly calendar of virtual events

Compiled by Aishwarya Sahasrabudhe

The number of coronavirus cases continues to rise and rules are periodically amended to ensure that the spread of the contagion is contained. While normal life, or a semblance of it, has resumed to some extent, the necessity of staying at home and maintaining social distancing keeps on making our leisure time a largely virtual experience. And even as we have begun to ease out of the most stringent of restrictions, the landscape of our engagements and weekly dosages of entertainment continues to be moderated digitally, through the screen.

Every Friday, we'll bring you a curated list of online experiences — performances, talks, tours, screenings — to mark on your weekly calendar. On this week's #FridayList: a murder mystery, some mojito making, a brand new web series and a workshop on writing personal histories.

— Streaming this week

This Friday, Amazon Prime Video will release Breathe: Into the Shadows, a suspense thriller in which two parents try to track down their kidnapped daughter. Starring Abhishek Bachchan and Nithya Menon, this Amazon original follows the first season of the series which had R Madhavan in the lead role while Amit Sadh, who played the antagonist in the first part, will be seen reprising his role. A dark, nail-biting puzzle, the series, which promises to be a binge-worthy experience, will have Bachchan essaying the role of a psychiatrist who is blackmailed by a masked man to commit a murder if he wants his daughter back.

When: 10 June

Where: Amazon Prime Video

Another thriller releasing this weekend on Zee5 is Mafia, the story of a group of six friends who come together after five years for a bachelor party in the forests of Madhupur. A chance game of mafia and an unwelcome guest thrust them into the dark secrets of their past, which would rather stay forgotten and hidden. Featuring Namit Das and Tanmay Dhanania among others, the Zee5 original show is a must-watch for all who enjoy a healthy dose of fear and goosebumps.

When: 10 June

Where: Zee5

Cinema across the world is forfeiting theatrical releases in light of the coronavirus crisis and the resulting lockdown and resorting to digital premiers for upcoming films. One such movie to forgo a release at the box office and arrive directly on Apple TV+ is Tom Hanks' World War II drama, Greyhound. The film, written by Hanks himself, is sure to be thrilling ride which tells the story of a navy commander who is tasked with leading an Allied convoy across the waters of the Atlantic with German U-boats in close pursuit. For all who find historical fiction engrossing and utterly interesting, this film is a must-watch.

When: 10 July

Where: Apple TV+

Arriving on Netflix this weekend is the Charlize Theron-starrer The Old Guard. A brand new action thriller, the Netflix original is the story of a team of mercenaries, who are in fact immortals and possess the powers to heal themselves. Things take a turn for the worse when an outsider finds out about their secret and they must fight to ensure their survival and protect their freedom. The film promises to be a compelling watch, action mixed with a bit of sci-fi.

When: 10 July

Where: Netflix

— Plays, dance and music

As part of its NCPA@home series, which brings to the audiences archived dance, music and theatre experiences on their screens, the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA), Mumbai will be showcasing Is There Some Way I Can Reach You? a Bharatnatyam recital by the exponent, Alarmel Valli. In a tribute performance to the 15th century Telugu poet, Annamacharya, the dancer will explore verses evoking the erotic and existential aspects of his poesy. The recital, which was performed as part of NCPA's 2013 Mudra Dance Festival,  is a welcome virtual experience for all aficionados of classical dance missing out on live events.

When: 11 July (6 pm)

Where: NCPA's Facebook channel

The Friday List From a workshop on writing personal histories to solving a murder mystery your weekly calendar of virtual events

From a Bharatnatyam recital to a workshop on writing personal histories and a talk exploring forgeries and thefts in the art world, a list of virtual engagements for this week. (Top and bottom right) Images via Atlas Obscura

Staying at home and maintaining social distancing has taken a toll on cultural spaces as auditoriums remain shut and live performances, a distant memory. However, as part of its virtual programmes, places like Royal Opera House, Mumbai have been showcasing certain snippets from previously recorded events to help revitalise our spirits with a sprinkling of Indian and world culture. One of the events for this weekend is Aisha Syed in Concert with Mehli Mehta Music Foundation Students and Choir. The artist hailing from the Dominican Republic will also be seen performing a Tchaikovsky violin concerto conducted by the maestro Doron Saloman at the Auditorio Nacional in Uruguay.

When: 11 July

Also to be featured as part of the opera house's virtual events is Haroof: Stringing Verses Together, a melodious recital of Sufi music reviving the art of the baithak performance. The recital will have vocalist Radhika Sood Nayak who will be singing the verses of Baba Bulleh Shah celebrating the tradition of gayaki in a warm, intimate style. For all who enjoy the soulful notes of Sufi music, this event is a must-watch to ward off those mid-week blues.

When: 15 July

— Games

For an exciting, adventurous and mysterious ride, join MurderedforMoney's virtual hunt, Movies, Mobsters and Murder - A 1920s Virtual Murder Mystery, a perfect mid-week tool for scratching those grey cells. Tickets are selling fast for this multiplayer game in which is an extravagant house party in the world of Hollywood, hosted by a notorious character Katsby, dead bodies found and a police investigation. Join this seven-day-long hunt filled with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and menacing, dangerous gangs to unravel the clues, analyse video footage, question suspects and find the culprit.

To know more and register, click here.

When: 14 July

— Talks and interactive sessions

As part of its ongoing virtual events, AVID Learning is set to host a talk by Kathak and lavani artist Aditi Bhagwat in the series, The Universal Language of Kathak Part 1: Lavani. One of the most popular and celebrated folk dances from Maharashtra, lavani has a long history which can be traced back to the Kolhati and Bombari tribes whose women would dance to mesmerising poetry and music, titillating the audiences with they sultry movements. But lavani was also used as an artistic tool for social messaging. Find out more about the adakari of this folk dance in Bhagwat's session this week.

When: 13 July (7 pm)

Where: AVID Learning's YouTube Channel

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In its Artists Behind the Art series, AVID Learning will feature this week a talk by Yardena Kurular whose experiences and moments spent in creating her artwork have produced some award-winning pieces which stand at the intersection of life and death. The talk promises to be an insight into the mind of this prolific artist and the inspirations behind her work, presented so often as a cycle of regeneration; her pieces influenced by her environment effectively blurring the lines between life and art.

When: 15 July (7 pm)

Where: AVID Learning's YouTube Channel

Of Atlas Obscura's Wonder From Home sessions, The Forged and the Filched - Mysteries of the Art World is an event which delves into the puzzling stories hidden within art histories exploring the fascinating forgeries and thefts in the art world. America’s only full-time professor of art crime, Erin Thomson, is set to discuss the secret histories and scandalous stories behind works of art and their forgeries in this interesting session.

To know more and register, click here.

When: 15 July

In the session, Utkarsh: Beyond Traditional Dance Models, Farooq Chaudhry, the executive producer at the Akram Khan dance academy is set to talk about his journey as an international dance producer providing insight into the practice and staging of performing arts. To be hosted virtually as part of the NCPA@home series, this archived session is a wonderful insight into the creative approaches of an artist and his outlook towards art from the perspectives of an individual artist as well as a company.

When: 9 July (4 pm)

Where: NCPA's YouTube Channel

One more fascinating talk brought about from the archives of the NCPA is British art historian and museum curator Neil McGregor's lecture which reconstructs complex societies using designs found on shards of clay or remains in a cup and questions whether these objects do in fact portray their history or we project our own usage on them. The session Beyond Words: What things can (perhaps) tell us is a must-attend for all enthusiasts of history and art.

When: 10 July

Where: NCPA's YouTube Channel

Coconut Theatre, as part of its Chai-Wai&Rangmanch series, has been hosting live virtual events throughout the period of the coronavirus-related lockdown to bring to audiences insights from theatre artists from across India. The month of July will also see some prolific artists discussing their theatre experiences in free online sessions. One of these is a live episode by actor Rajat Kapoor who will talk about his life as a theatre artist in Creating From A Text – But Without The TextFor all aspiring theatre artists and enthusiasts, this is the place to be to gather an insider's thoughts about the industry.

When: 10 July (6 pm)

Where: Coconut Theatre's Facebook channel

— Masterclasses and workshops

Social distancing continues to be the new normal but a little house party on the weekend with family and roommates is definitely a can-do. An online masterclass brought about by LBB and Bacardi is set to teach how to brew some fine mojitos to make these in-house Saturday nights more fun. To be conducted by Hemant Mundkur, the masterclass scheduled for World Mojito Day is a must-attend for all who enjoy this cocktail.

To download the app and register, click here.

When: 11 July

Another interesting event for writing enthusiasts this weekend is a workshop brought about by Atlas Obscura's Wonder From Home series. In Step-by-Step: Writing A Personal History, California-based historical journalist Hadley Meares will teach how to embark on the quest to find the story of an old family recipe or that mysterious house at the end of the street, conduct research and begin writing your own personal historical essay. In a three-part session spanning over three weeks, Meares will enable participants to find their inspirations, delve deeper into research methodologies and also give feedback on their work. For those curious about their family and local histories, this workshop is definitely the place to be.

To know more and register, click here.

When: 11, 18 and 25 July

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