The Friday List: From a virtual edition of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival to a talk on Spanish sherry, your weekly calendar of virtual events

Every Friday, we'll bring you a curated list of online experiences — performances, talks, tours, screenings — to mark on your weekly calendar.

FP Staff February 05, 2021 15:30:31 IST
The Friday List: From a virtual edition of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival to a talk on Spanish sherry, your weekly calendar of virtual events

On this week's #FridayList: a workshop on ashtanayika, the virtual edition of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Amazon Prime Video's Bliss and lots more. (Top left) Image via Atlas Obscura (Top middle) via Wikimedia Commons

Compiled by Aishwarya Sahasrabudhe

It would seem that the declining numbers in COVID-19 cases calls for optimism and with the vaccine in sight, there is hope that the worst of the pandemic might be behind us. Yet, the year has led to a dramatic change in how we spend our free time, and consuming more and more events online has become routine even as public spaces, theatres and cinema halls are slowly opening up for people. So, even as we have moved out of the more stringent of restrictions, the landscape of our engagements and weekly dosages of entertainment continues to be moderated digitally, through the screen.

Every Friday, we'll bring you a curated list of online experiences — performances, talks, tours, screenings — to mark on your weekly calendar. On this week's #FridayList: the 2021 Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, a workshop on ashtanayika and exploring the Jewish diaspora in Mumbai.

— Virtual festival

The coronavirus pandemic marked a remarkable shift in the way we consume content, one of the major ones being a leap from live events to virtual festivals. Now, most of the big literary, musical and theatre festivals are going online, catering not only to a larger audience but also enabling people to enjoy their favourite events without being in constant fear of spreading or contracting COVID-19 . The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival too has taken a digital turn in 2021 bringing to its audiences artists, performances, culture, storytelling and lots more on the screen. Flagging off this weekend, the festival will feature a plethora of events including talks on astronomy, the heritage of Mumbai, a children's special on birds and animals, a workshop on baking, a pop-up art show and lots more. Ranjit Hoskote, TM Krishna, Purbayan Chatterjee, Usha Uthup and Ankur Tewari are only among a few of the artists and critics who will be part of a virtual fete that promises to be utterly engaging and fun.

To see the full schedule and get your tickets, click here.

When: 6 February to 14 February

— Talks and panel discussions

An insightful session coming up this week will explore Jewish diaspora and the contribution of the community to the cityscape of Mumbai. In the session, Uncovering Urban Legacies: The Jewish Diaspora in Bombay, two academicians will share their perspective on the community's influence in various cultural contexts along with examining and celebrating the legacies of the city's Jewish families and individuals. The panel, moderated by Manjiri Kamat, a professor of history at the university of Mumbai will comprise of author Sifra Lentin and professor Neeta Khandpekar in a conversation that places Jewish culture, histories and legacies in the Indian context. For those interested in knowing more about the Jewish diaspora and the community's roots in the bustling metropolis, this sessions is the place to be.

To know more and register, click here.

When: 6 February (5 pm)

An event to look forward to during the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2021 is a two-part dialogue that explores the concept of Passion and Plurality. Brought about in collaboration with the Bangalore International Centre, the first talk will focus on the issue within mass media while the second will discuss the intersections of language and culture across centuries and their implications on the notion of plurality. The former will feature a discussion between Hoskote and architect Prem Chandavarkar, while the latter will be a panel discussion between historians Rana Safvi, Audrey Truschke and Supriya Gandhi along with author Arshia Sattar. Tune into both the discussions for stimulating conversations that range as far as the Upanishads and the Mughal Courts to a history of radio and television.

To know more and register for part 1, click here; for part 2, click here.

When: 8 February (4 pm to 5 pm) and 10 February (7 pm to 9 pm)

This weekend's Sunday Sabor brought forth by Atlas Obscura is a glimpse into one of the most interesting contribution of Spain to wine, the sherry. An Afternoon of Spanish Sherry is set to explore various types of the wine, from sweet to dry through a conversation with Spanish wine scholar and wine educator Nika Shevela, who will be conducting the session from her home in Barcelona. From dry and nutty manzanilla to the sticky wines which make for a perfect after dinner tipple, the host will not only shed light on the different types of sherry but also on the culture and history of Spanish sherry, what to pair it with and how to make cocktails out of it. For connoisseurs, this is sure to be an interesting session.

To know more and register, click here.

When: 8 February

— Workshops

Bharatmuni, the author of the Natyashastra or a treatise on dramatics, wrote about eight different types of heroines, popularly known as the Ashtanayika, which are in fact symbols of women caught in the vortex of life and the different situations it presents. For instance, while the abhisarika risks everything to go meet her beloved in secret, the khandita, upon discovering her husband's infidelity throws him out of her home and her life, and then there is the virahotkanthita, who drowns in sorrow on being separated from her husband. A workshop brought forth by Sahapedia is set to provide an insight into these heroines through a lecture-demonstration conducted by Bharatnatyam danseuse Priyadarshini Govind. The motifs underlying each of the nayika's temperaments and the verses composed to describe these heroines form a crucial part of Indian classical art. The session, An Overview of the Ashtanayika, created in collaboration with Nritya Yatri, therefore promises to be an interesting one, a must attend for amateur dancers and performers.

To know more and register, click here.

When: 6 February (11 am)

— Watch a documentary

An upcoming documentary by National Geographic focuses on the disaster of the deadly wildfire in Paradise, California and the role of the community in coming together to recover what was lost and take up the responsibility of building everything again. Rightly named Rebuilding Paradise, the documentary shows the ghastly effects of the 2018 Camp Fire in and around the region. The fire, which started on Camp Creek Road on 8 November, owing to a faulty electric line, spread across a large area and kept on burning for days until it was completely doused on 25 November. The documentary which traces this destruction as well as the efforts of the community to rebuild the region covers a critical topic of our times and is therefore as relevant as it is insightful.

When: 6 February

Where: National Geographic

The Friday List From a virtual edition of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival to a talk on Spanish sherry your weekly calendar of virtual events

From a workshop on understanding the ashtanayika to a talk about Spanish sherry and Amazon Prime Video's Bliss, a list of virtual engagements for this week. (Left) Image via Wikimedia Commons (Top right) via Atlas Obscura

— Music

An upcoming performance screened by the Royal Opera House, Mumbai will feature an excerpt from the performance, Still I Rise by Derrick Gardner and The Big dig! Band. Complete with the echoes of Gardner's trumpet chops, greasy blues and languid ballads, the recital altogether makes for an extravagant celebration of sparkling tunes and charged compositions. An inspired room for soloing brings forth Gardner's brilliant arrangements and compositions that move fluidly through the band promise to give off the effect of all the players coming together in a grand performance. For music aficionados, the recital is definitely worth a watch.

When: 6 February

Where: Royal Opera House, Mumbai's YouTube channel

A musical soiree set up by RSK Productions Singapore will celebrate the works of the well-known artiste Jagjit Singh to mark the birth anniversary of this music composer and renowned ghazal singer. A part of the platform Samaroh, set up following the pandemic to bring audiences virtual performances during the period of social distancing, the evening will feature ghazal singer Mahesh Anand Purohit singing the favourites of this maestro. For fans of the genre, this recital promises to be a lovely way to remember the works of the ghazal master and some of his most well known musical compositions.

To know more and attend the recital, visit Samaroh's Facebook page

When: 6 February (4.30 pm)

— Streaming this week

Arriving on Netflix this Friday is the film Malcolm and Marie, featuring John David Washington and Zendaya in the titular roles. A romance drama shot in black and white, the film, directed by Sam Levinson, tells the story of the filmmaker Malcolm and his girlfriend Marie who return home after the success of their movie's premiere. But the night that follows opens up a flood of emotions that lead each one to discover the meaning of love in their relationship and what it means to be loved by each other. The film promises to be filled with drama, emotion, some tears and even a little bit of madness to bring home the idea of two people in love trying to look beyond their individual emotional distress and find a balance in each other's company.

When: 5 February

Where: Netflix

The 2019 film Midway will drop on Lionsgate Play this weekend, a story that revolves around an operation conducted during World War II. The clash between the American fleet and the Imperial Japanese Navy that occurred in 1937 would prove to be a crucial point in the Pacific Theatre during the war. This Battle of Midway forms the subject of the film, narrating the real story of the soldiers and officials involved in the planning and strategy of the attacks, whose courage would lead them to overcome massive odds leading up to the months that would turn the war into something far ghastly and horrific.

When: 5 February 

Where: Lionsgate Play

Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek will be seen together in an upcoming Amazon Prime Video original that explores what it means to live in two worlds, the reality and a simulation that seems more real than the real world. Caught in the vortex of corporate drudgery, when a family man (Wilson) meets a mysterious woman (Hayek), she takes him back to a utopia from where all humans have entered the simulated world which we recognise to be real. Through Wilson's escapades, Bliss explores the complexities of the two worlds, the delicate balance that prevents them from colliding and the difficult choice between love and family and an ideal, spectacular reality. Don't forget to catch the film this weekend for a slice of dystopia and fantasy.

When: 5 February

Where: Amazon Prime Video

A heartwarming animated series coming up on Apple TV+ is The Snoopy Show, featuring the titular pup and his friend Woodstock embarking on a number of adventures. The children's show will have Snoopy, the beagle, take on various personas including Masked Marvel and Joe Cool. With three seven-minute cartoons based on the comic series, the show promises to be a fun filled and delightful little number which will also have some legendary cartoons like Peppermint Patty, Charlie Brown and Schroeder making their appearances. A perfect way to engage kids in something fun over the weekend, this show is definitely one to catch.

When: 5 February

Where: Apple TV+

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