You Don’t Want To Miss Out On These Table-Tennis Racquets

FP Studio March 24, 2020 00:00:49 IST
You Don’t Want To Miss Out On These Table-Tennis Racquets

GKI Offensive XX Computerised Printed Cover Table Tennis Racquet
This professional tennis racquet from GKI is the perfect racquet for delivering power shots with ease. One can deliver controlled shots with this racket which offers the player great accuracy while delivering shots.
One can hit those power-packed shots with ease as the racquet provides an excellent and strong grip which also offers better control. This table tennis racquet is made from fine material to offer lasting durability and high performance. The player needs to play their natural game and let the racquet do the talking, while hitting the sweet spot with better accuracy becomes a tad more simple. If you want to practice your game and become a master, we recommend you buy this right now!

Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle
This one is for the winners. While it might be a little pricey, this is one of the most versatile TT racquets you will see. It is a real good choice in racquets as it offers you a great experience of an advanced game, as it is made with 5 ply wood, which means it is designed for durability and basic level of play.
This racquet is perfectly suitable for a high-speed game of table tennis, as the Jet Basic Rubber and the brilliant blade combine to give you tremendous control. The side of the racquet is also protected by a high quality flexible PVC Tape. The rubber gives optimum control over the ball so all your shots will fall right where you want them.
With amazing features that give you a superb grip and control over your game, this one is for the keeps. We can't recommend it enough!

Stag 1 Star Table Tennis Play Set (2 Bats and 3 Balls)
For an entry level player, the two one star racquets feature a comfortable handle with superior ergonomics and there are three stag balls along with a net for great playing pleasure & a fun experience. Tennis is a game played in attack as much as defence, and the Stag 1 play set is great to learn those early nuances of table tennis.
The 3 balls along with the 2 racquet set make it easier to practice those long sessions with your partner while the speed on the racquet is 50, spin is 70 and control is 97. Time to start knocking it around and master the game as this set will last for long! We’d buy it if we were you.

Gymnco Perfect Table Tennis Table With Levellers Top 18 mm ( TT Table Cover + 2 TT Racket & 3 Balls)
Gymnco Industries offers a complete set to have that game of table tennis set up at your place with one pair of table tennis racquet, balls, table tennis table cover, table tennis table Net. These Tables are designed to meet actual needs of table tennis matches with it being designed after conducting stringent quality tests of the highest standards. The table tennis racquets let you enjoy the game at a good speed and allow you to have full control on your game. The above average spin that this Table Tennis bat lets you enjoy also gives you the freedom to make quality shots in your game. If you are looking to set up your TT playing area, then the Gymnco set is your best bet!

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