Yoga postures that can relax your body

FP Studio April 24, 2020 23:02:37 IST
Yoga postures that can relax your body

After a long day at work, doing some relaxing Yoga can be physically and mentally calming. You can do this from home, without any equipment or worrying about the right time to go for a class. You just need 15 minutes.

We have enlisted some great asanas to help you distress and unwind. Our top picks: Balasana, Viparita Karani, and Makarasana. Here is how you can do each one:

Child's pose of Balasana is one of the yoga postures that can be performed with ease even by beginners. The term Balasana comes from two Sanskrit words ‘bala’ meaning child and asana refers to posture.

Ways to perform Balasana:

Yoga postures that can relax your body

Step 1: Spread a yoga mat on the floor and sit on your kneel. Now, gradually separate your knees about as wide as your hips

Step 2: Bend forward slowly lowering your forehead to touch the floor. Exhale while doing so

Step 3: Place your arms towards the front of the yoga mat alongside your torso. Keep your palms facing up and release the fronts of your shoulders toward the floor

Step 4: After attaining this posture, gently press your chest on the thighs

Step 5: Hold the position for about a minute. Regulate your breath

Step 6: While exhaling, soften your body and the arms

Step 7: Place your palms under the shoulder and slowly raise your upper body to return to the sitting position on the heels. Keep inhaling as you do so.

Viparita Karani

To perform this yoga, you will have to put your legs up the wall.

Steps to perform Viparita Karani yoga asana

Yoga postures that can relax your body

Step 1: Stand close to the wall while facing it

Step 2: Inhale and sit on the floor keeping your toes touched to the wall with knee bent. Exhale and place your palms on yoga mat

Step 3: Inhale and gradually go down on your back and lie down on yoga mat having the shoulders close to the floor with knees still bent. Exhale relaxing the entire back on the floor

Step 4: Breath in and lift the legs and bring them on the wall, slowly adjusting the hips in order to bring tail bone close to the wall

Step 5: Breathe out adjusting the hips and legs and retain the posture

Step 6: Make sure the legs are up the wall perpendicular to the upper body. Your toes should point downwards with the support of the heels on the wall

Step 7: Your neck, shoulder and chest should be completely relaxed while performing this asana

Step 8: Hold the position and keep your eyes closed. Once you are comfortable with the pose, begin the slow rhythmic breathing with your muscles relaxed

Step 9: Remain in the position for about 12 breaths

Step 10: Inhale and gradually move your hips backwards, releasing the legs. Place the feet on the floor close to the wall and relax the lower back.


Also known as crocodile pose, this yoga asana provides utmost relaxation to your body.

Steps to do Makarsana

Yoga postures that can relax your body

Step 1: Spread your yoga mat on floor and lie down straight on your stomach

Step 2: Join elbows, making a stand and position your palms under the chin

Step 3: Slowly lift your chest

Step 4: Keep your elbows and legs together

Step 5: During inhaling, first fold your one leg at a time and then both the legs together

Step 6: During folding, your ankles should touch the hips

Step 7: While breathing out, keep your feet straight and head steady

Repeat this asana for 20 to 25 times.

One can reap the benefits from yoga by performing it in the right manner and doing it regularly. What is more exciting about yoga is that there is no or minimum investment and you get the benefits that stay with you for long. Also, you do not need equipment to perform yoga.

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