Whip up the perfect foam with these top frothers

FP Studio February 13, 2021 16:03:25 IST
Whip up the perfect foam with these top frothers

Frothy beverages in just a few seconds

This frother is probably the simplest to use. It comes with a power button that needs just the slightest press to start frothing. When the frother is on, unlike most devices, you do not need to hold the button down while using it. You can easily relax your hand while you enjoy the soothing foaming process. It takes 15-20 seconds to give you a frothy-foamy coffee or milk beverage. This device can be used for both cold and hot milk. For durability and maintenance simple wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Suitable for everyday use.

Versatile frothy that does more than just whisking milk

This handheld-battery-operated frother can be used to froth all types of milk, including soy, rice, almond, coconut, UHT and powdered as well as single cream. It is designed specifically to produce perfect frothy milk in 20 seconds or less. Although designed for whisking milk and ideal for hot and cold drinks, the frother can also be used to prepare foods such as sauces, gravy, eggs whites, vinaigrette and hollandaise dressings, as well as tempting desserts such as zabaglione and custards. Pick this lightweight frother for its speeds and versatility.

A frother as stylish as you

This premium milk frother helps you make Barista style coffee at home or office. The whisk part is of premium grade stainless steel made. It is perfectly safe to use with hot beverages. This milk frother is battery operated and requires 2 AA batteries. Easy to clean, The steel whisk of this frother can be removed and attached again. It comes with a stylish looking stand add on that makes it convenient to store anywhere. This variant comes with 1 year of warranty and is available in assorted colours. Pick this up for its unique stand feature and premium quality hardware.

Multi-use at just a touch of a button

This stainless steel stirrer or frother is perfect for frothing or whipping up your favourite sherbet, smoothening yoghurt, lassi or cold coffee or even your protein shake. You can also use it to beat eggs and make the airiest omelettes ever! The mechanism is simple and easy to use. Battery operated, this option comes with a top button for one-hand operation and gives you your desired results in less than 30 seconds. Pick this up for its simple and sleek design.

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