Warm white glow LED fairy lights that adds beauty to your home

FP Studio November 25, 2020 19:38:52 IST
Warm white glow LED fairy lights that adds beauty to your home

Very flexible make
These are copper string fairy lights that give a warm white LED glow. They are sturdy, bendable, and most importantly waterproof thus can be used for outdoor purposes to decorate balconies, trees, flower pots, etc. They are very versatile in their make and thus suits for every occasion may it be a festive occasion or campings.XERGY USB String Fairy 50 Leds 5 Meter Waterproof Lights has a USB plug in for easy electricity supply.

Enhances your photo display
Love to capture memories in photos? Cherish them every moment you want by hanging them with these beautiful LED lights and enhance their display. It is a string of 10 meters with LEDs placed in a spacious distance from each other allowing enough space for each photo. The small sized LEDs shaped containing LEDs don’t take much of the space and give out bright yellow light creating an excellent illumination and warm atmosphere. So if you are looking to decorate the pictures on the wall in a unique way, A & Y - Store Still LED String Light is the product for you.

Safe near children
These very lightweight string lights are in a beautiful water drop shape which enhances the room decor and can be used anywhere due to its lightweight. The copper wire is heat resistant thus the users can touch it safely even after many hours of usage without having the risk of burns, therefore completely safe to be used in an environment where small children or pet are present. PESCA 3AA Battery Powered, Waterproof, Copper Wire String Fairy Lights are 5 meter long and have 50 LEDs.

Long lasting
These LED lights are battery operated having a warm yellowish white colour that will easily lit up the environment in a cozy and comfortable feel. This is a string light making it very easy to install and extremely flexible due to which you can adjust it the way you wish to as per your requirements. JNS WhOLESALE 3 m Battery Operated Silver 30 LED Decorative Strings Fairy Lights can be filled in any empty bottle and be used as a decorative item for your next house party.

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