Walkers for kids – for use at home and outdoors

FP Studio December 23, 2020 09:23:21 IST
Walkers for kids – for use at home and outdoors

Traditional walker

The PEAHEN traditional wooden walker for toddlers and kids is made of high quality wood which is sturdy, firm and non-toxic, making it safe for babies. It is gender neutral so irrespective of boy or girl, you can use it. Also, since it’s wooden, it has a traditional look to it too. This walker can be considered an ideal gift for your little one, if he/she has recently turned one – because trust us, they will love it!

Round walker

The GoodLuck Baybee Baby Lunaa Round Walker which is for kids has a three position height adjustment and has fun toys and activities attached to it around the rim of the walker. It is ideal for babies of 6 months to toddlers of upto age 2. It comes in the colour blue. The two other colour variants are – orange and red. This walker is machine washable and provides ample comfort thanks to its cushioned seating pad. Its wheels provide a 360-degree rotation so your child can freely move in any direction he/she would like!

Musical walker

The ODELEE Musical Baby Activity Cat Face Foldable Baby Walker for Kids with Music and Light for ages 6 months and above. It comes in the colour red and is also available in blue and pink. It is made using premium quality materials which ensures that it is safe for young children and is also durable. This foldable walker has a cushioned seat that provides maximum comfort always and has been designed in a way to ensure that it folds easily and when not in use can be stored away in minimum space too!

Walker and runner

The Mother Glory Baby Walker is multicolour for your baby’s first step. This baby activity walker and runner is both durable and foldable. It is extremely comfortable to use and makes your baby’s first step a complete pleasure.The walker has games on it too, so your baby can enjoy playing while taking steps to independence. This baby walker might look simple but that doesn’t mean your child won’t enjoy walking with it. It comes in a bright red colour and has multicoloured games attached to it! Buy this to let your child have a fun walking experience!

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