Video game T-shirts for gamers

FP Studio September 18, 2020 08:51:09 IST
Video game T-shirts for gamers

Time to think

Assassins Creed is a game that involves a lot of killing but not the kind of killing you are accustomed to in other video games. Creed gamers are a different sort. They love stealth and intrigue. It takes a lot of skill to kill someone in this game. This Assassins Creed half T-Shirt with the logo sends out a strong message that you are highly skilled and you will spend a lot of time planning your next move. It says you are a strategic individual. It’s a regular round neck fit. This is a perfect buy for the intellectual gamer.

For the fit gamer

Anyone who plays Call of Duty is acting out their military fantasies. The game itself ‘calls’ you to duty, and people who play this game take it very seriously. You are disciplined and action-oriented. This Call of Duty, Black Ops round neck T-shirt showcases your seriousness to a task. Chances are, you are the leader of your friends’ circle and people listen to you. You are also serious about your fitness because you know that a fit body houses a fit mind. This T-shirt is a good buy for the Call of Duty fan who loves to work out.

For the social gamer

Ask any man or boy below the age of 35 what his favourite video game is and the chances are he will answer: PUBG. This is one game that has connected millions of people across the world and has spawned competitions worth hundreds of millions of dollars. PUBG players are generally very social and will start talking about the video game to anyone who will listen to them. This round neck cotton T-shirt is the perfect conversation starter for the diehard PUBG gamer who just wants to talk to like-minded fans.

The elite club

A banana who is going to stab someone? Not a lot of people will understand the meaning of the art on this round neck T-shirt but any true fan of the multi-player war game Counter Strike will recognize this in an instant. Nothing builds a bromance faster than a shared love of video games and if you manage to recognize this T-shirt, you will be part of a secret club where words don’t need to be spoken. A nod or two is enough to get the message across. This T-shirt will make a great gift for the hardcore CS fan.

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