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Ready, Get Set

Nivia 149OR07 spike shoes are also known as Jumping Zion 1. These shoes are orange in color and would make it seem like you are on fire when running on the track. The spikes shoes use a breathable mesh and are designed to become the epitome of a top-notch track performance. If you are looking for support and comfort when you are out there competing hard, then look no further. The Jumping Zion 1 checks all the boxes. The upper portions of these shoes make use of a mix of sublimation mesh and PU Sabarlon. The sole is rugged and made with TPU and rubber. It also sports a soft Eva foam for extra padding on the feet. It’s time to start running!

Laced Up For Victory

For those looking to lace up for victory, the HEALTH Sprint Spikes Black & Gold Track & Field Shoes are set to be the ideal partner. Beneath the attractive design, these shoes are built for complete comfort and on-field durability. The lace-up closure ensures the most comfortable fit, while the PU sole grips the track and provides athletes with useful traction. On the inside the HEALTH Sprint Spikes Black & Gold Track & Field Shoes are designed to reduce stresses on the leg muscles. It’s time for all aspiring champions to make the wise choice and go for these shoes that are sure to make them unbeatable!

Be The Favourite

Here is a pair of spikes that would make you seem like you floating through the wind. The KRP International Spikes are available in red colour. It’s designed and built for high performing athletes. These spikes are extra lightweight, which reduces the pressure on the foot and allows an effortless sprint. It is ideal for middle-distance running – typically for running events between 800 meters to 10000 meters. It is a size seven pair of spike shoes. There are multiple holes for the laces, and you can fasten these running shoes as per your convenience. If you want to make the podium, it’s time to upgrade the right pair of track and field spikes, like the KRP Athletic Spikes.

The Feet Of Champions

Firefly Running Spikes bring to the field the best qualities of running spikes, with its lightweight durability. The spikes are designed to provide the right traction that allows for short bursts of speed, or quick changes of direction that most athletes need. But even in the thick of the action, the mesh and PU upper material are fabricated to provide an unshakeable and comfortable fit. While the inner shoe is padded with soft textile, the outside is specially stiffened to let your feet transmit the energy and power uninterrupted. One more reason to buy the Firefly Running Spikes is the key provided to loosen and tighten spikes at will, for an even better on-field experience.

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