Upgrade vegetable chopping in your kitchen with these electric choppers

FP Studio September 17, 2020 00:15:37 IST
Upgrade vegetable chopping in your kitchen with these electric choppers

Compact and transparent body

The Glen Mini Chopper 4043 is perfect for you if you find machines with a lot of buttons confusing. This chopper is simple to understand and packs a power punch while providing a hassle free experience. It comes with a food grade polycarbonate, break-resistant bowl and two edged stainless steel blades, making this chopper fast and durable. An additional feature of the product is a whisker disc to make frothy batters and churning butter. Its compact design enables it to fit anywhere without taking a lot of space in your kitchen. This is a nice buy for single people with little time on their hands.

Double-layered stainless steel blades

The Inalsa Bullet 400-Watt Electric Chopper with Twin Blade Technology chopper is a fast, powerful and good looking machine. Its stylish design makes it easy on the eye and it comes with a powerful motor that is backed up by double layered, stainless steel blades that chop vegetables fast and in the desired size. If you have kids in your house, there is no need to worry because the chopper has a Safety Sensor Device feature, by which the motor does not run until all the parts of the model are properly fitted. The bottom of the model has an anti- slip base for easy operation. Perfect for families.

Lid-container prevents wastage

The Orpat Express 250-Watt Chopper is durable and very cost-effective. It has a very attractive color and can be used not only for effective chopping, but also making purees and for mincing vegetables and meats. It has a high power, noiseless motor and anti- slip ring below the model. The motor packs in a powerful punch for its size. An interesting feature is that its lid be used as a container after the job is done, preventing any wastage. Overall, the Orpat Express 250-Watt Chopper is a multi-purpose kitchen accessory, making chopping, pureeing and mincing easy. This is a good buy for families that cook a lot of gravy dishes.

Unique ring design handle

The Prestige PEC 3.0 250-Watt Electric Chopper will not disappoint you in terms of performance and quality. You can conveniently chop vegetables, cut fruits and nuts, whisk and even crush ice with its twin stainless steel blades and 250-Watt powerful motor. This is the perfect machine for your cocktail parties and juice celebrations. It is transparent providing visibility of chopping levels and has a unique ring handle design for ease in chopping and cutting. Most of its features are designed to complement its quality and effortless performance. The model comes with the press button on its top, to give you better control for fine chopping, making it easy to use. Good for homes that get a lot of guests.

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