Turn The Tables On Your Opponent With The Top Table Tennis Racquets

FP Studio June 18, 2020 00:10:34 IST
Turn The Tables On Your Opponent With The Top Table Tennis Racquets

The Stamp Of Approval

The Stag Manika Batra MS-20 Table Tennis Racquet is approved by the Indian Table Tennis Federation. It’s a testament to the great design of this table tennis racquet, with its dynamic, user friendly shape. It’s the perfect racquet for beginners to perfect their shot swings. The hard rubber covering on top of 5 ply construction means you impart seamless power to your shots, to give you enhanced ball speed and control. The racquet weighs an efficient 156 grams, which makes perfect to use in high-intensity training drills and matches.

Next Generation Of Sports Equipment

What do you do when you want to up your game? You train harder and you train smarter. The Donic 751810SB Waldner 3000 Table Tennis Bat lets you do both. It gives every amateur player the confidence to turn professional. This gives your shots a lot more power, which will flatten all your opponents. It gets the ball to move quicker through the air as well hurrying your opponent into shots. Of course, you need to have good control over the paddle to execute your moves. Which shouldn’t be much of a challenge, thanks to the lightweight design of this table tennis racquet, to allow for a free flow of the hand.

Smash Your Way To The Top

Those looking for a professional table tennis racquet, look no further than the GKI Black Magic Table Tennis Blade. The GKI Black Magic racquet has a well balanced, highly durable, carbon coated, strong and light 5 layer ply blade. With so much substance to it, this racquet gives players the perfect shot control and accuracy. This racquet gives proficient players the confidence to perform all the different tricks they know, with handling ability that makes the racquet an extension of the player’s arm. This is really the weapon of choice, for those looking to set the table alight with great table tennis skills.

On The Spin

The Tibhar Carbon Shot Table Tennis Blade is designed to allow you to be in complete control of your game. The carbon build improves your strokeplay, by ensuring the power transmits seamlessly from the racquet to the ball. It’s also the reason why the Tibhar Carbon Shot Table Tennis Blade imparts almost twice as much speed and spin to the ball as any other racquet in its class. That’s why the Tibhar Carbon Shot is so highly recommended for beginners and players of an intermediate level. This racquet will be the perfect tool to help them develop their game..

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