Trolley bags for kids so that they go to school in style

FP Studio February 11, 2021 16:00:50 IST
Trolley bags for kids so that they go to school in style

The Looker

This glorious bag will make your kid the center of attraction in school. Combine that with everykid’s favorite cartoon – Chota Bheem imprinted on the front that makes it easier for your kid to hold on to. This bag has 5 compartments and 1 side mesh for a water bottle. The carrying capacity of the bag is 38 Liters and the bag in itself weighs just 2 kg. This bag also has padded shoulders should your child prefer to carry it by hanging. Available in 4 different colors and is made from Polyester with a soft casing.

For your Princess

The first thing that pops out on this backpack is its color scheme which is sure to make your kids love it. This particular bag is themed with Disney Princess which is an added bonus! (Who doesn’t love Disney princesses). This is a 15” bag and has 2 compartments and a side mesh for a water bottle. Durable & Sturdy fabric makes it good for outdoor usage. This bag is also waterproof for those occasional pour downs while returning from school.

Color Me Attractive

This backpack has a unique print which makes it good not for school usage but also for picnics and outings with your kids. It also comes in a wide assortment of colors! It has 3 compartments including a laptop compartment and a side mesh for keeping water bottles. The outermost compartment also has smaller individual pockets for easy item keeping. The bag is made of water-resistant polyester and has padded shoulder straps. It has two rest stands along with the wheels so that it can be placed upright if needed.

The Hidden Friend

Now, this is what you call a double offer. Not only do you get a standard trolley bag but you also a shoulder backpack. The trolley is made out of polycarbonate which ensures it is lightweight as well as sturdy while the backpack is hard-shell. Both bags are water-resistant. The trolley is 16” while the bag is 13”. The total carrying capacity of both the bags combined is 18 Kgs. The most important feature is that the set comes with various cartoon themes like Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse & Spider-Man.

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