Topload washing machines best for daily use

FP Studio July 13, 2020 15:39:52 IST
Topload washing machines best for daily use

Ideal for a small family

This machine is best suited for a small family of 3-4 people and comes with 12 Wash Programs. This feature gives you the right to decide the intensity with which you want to wash your clothes. The Spa Wash system in the machine gives smoother wash and reduces the amount of lint generated. In case you just want to do a quick rinse of your clothes the feature named Express Wash will be highly beneficial for you. With this feature you can wash your less dirty clothes in 30 percent less time.

This is a perfect buy if you are looking for a Washing machine that ensures that your clothes remain smooth even after being washed.

Comes with the most advanced features

The washing machine weighs around 7 kg and has one of the most advanced features such as Smart Sense. The Smart Sense helps the machine to automatically adapt to the type of conditions. Depending upon the kind of clothes you are washing you can select the temperature of water from three options: cold, warm and hot. In terms of compartments the machine houses, auto softener dispenser, bleach dispenser, lint tower filter and crescent moon drum.

If you are a person who is concerned about the environment, this is your ideal machine as it has an aqua conserve feature which will help save water.

Child lock for maximum safety

One of the salient features of the machine is the Memory Backup, this basically means that the washing machine will remember the setting of your regularly used mode and other things. It is not bulky at all as it weighs a total of 7 kilograms. There are multiple wash programmes for a great wash quality. This machine is suitable if there are children in the house as it has a child lock feature.

The smart inverter in this Top loading washing machine efficiently controls energy usage and eliminates any wasted operation and hence this is a must buy.

This one comes with a LED display

This 6.2 kilograms automatic top load washing machine model is not only light weight but is also quite powerful. It has a LED display panel and up to five water levels to choose from. The diamond drum is meant to last for a long time and handle high speed spins, which are essential to ensure quick drying of clothes. There are a variety of wash modes so that one can choose the intensity of wash depending upon the type of clothes. There are also a few additional wash cycles.

This washing machine is an obvious choice for any buyer because it is a premium product and the manufacturer is well regarded for making reliable as well as durable products.

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