Top wind chimes to soothe your senses

FP Studio August 25, 2020 11:55:48 IST
Top wind chimes to soothe your senses

Hand-crafted traditional touch
This wind chime has a frame completely made from wood. It has a traditional touch to it with the multi coloured beads, and pigeons hanging along strings that end with clinker metal bells. There are a total seven such strings arranged in an increasing and then decreasing manner creating a V-pattern. It is hand-crafted and has a size of 45cms in length and 25cms in width. If you love handicrafts with traditional and ethnic styled products, SPK Home decor Wood Wind Chime is the best one for you.

A very simple and decent look
A very typical feng shui styled wind chime that has been crafted from a wooden base from which has eight strings hanging down from it. There are six bells attached with coins having some inscriptions along with wooden red and brown beads making it very attractive. The metal bells make a very beautiful sound when clashing against each other and the two metal balls are attached by the remaining two strings ending upon an octagonal seal. If you believe in or love feng shui items, Discount4product Feng Shui Metal and Wooden Wind Chime is the best pick for you.

Seven metal pipe wind chime
A very vibrant multi-coloured wind chime consisting of seven metal pipes that gently tinkles and emanates a very soothing sound keeping the environment in a blissful mode. Even a very soft breeze is enough for the wind chime to produce sound, it need not have to be a strong blow of air for it to work. PARADIGM PICTURES Wood Metal Wind Chime looks best when hung on the balcony. It also proves to be a worthy gift.

Colour changing wind chime
Enhance the decor of your house with this beautiful colour changing wind chime. It works on solar energy and gets automatically lit up when the surroundings grow dark. It consists of six hummingbirds attached in a descending manner made from glass which has solar powered colour changing LEDs fitted in it. All you have to do is keep it in the presence of sun rays in the day time for it to get charged and enjoy the mesmerising luminance at night which shall last up to 6-8 hours if charged completely. PATHONOR Upgraded Solar Wind Chime, Color-Changing Solar LED Mobile Wind Chime is waterproof thus can be hanged in the garden.

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